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Tower of Fantasy: Crow Dive Bomb Technique



Tower of Fantasy: Crow Dive Bomb Technique

In Tower of Fantasy, there are different weapons or characters that have a unique ability that they can perform. Crow has the ability to dive bomb on the enemies and the dive bomb deals a lot of damage to the enemies when you strike them while coming down in the air. There is a technique that you can use with this ability that will literally let you melt the enemies and the bosses of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the Crow dive bomb Technique that you can do in Tower of Fantasy.

Crow Dive Bomb Technique

The Crow Dive Bomb ability let you hit the enemy while you coming down in the air and this ability uses the character’s endurance after 3 or 4 attacks, you’ll have to wait for your Endurance to be recharged and then you can use this move again but what if there is a way to use this ability without using the endurance and you can spam this attack an unlimited number of times. Well, there is a way and it is very simple.

You can do the Dive Bomb attack with the Crow an unlimited number of times without using the Endurance with the Jet Pack. The Jet Pack does not use the endurance when you use it and if you use the dive bomb ability with the Jet Pack, the Jet Pack will not let the ability to use the endurance and you’ll be able to spam this attack for as long as you like.

To use this technique, you need to double jump up in the air and then open the Jet Pack and then click the Left-Click button to attack. This is it, it is that simple and you can literally melt bosses with this attack. In a regular Dive Bomb, you’d just jump up and left-click to do the attack but in this technique, you just have to open the Jet Pack before attacking.

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