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São Paulo court orders Sony to remove the lock on PS5 consoles for “violation of service rules “



Sony Is Reportedly Investigating The Corruption Issue Of The PS5 And PS4 Consoles

At the end of November, users began to report that Sony began to block accounts and even the consoles themselves from those users who sold access to their PS5 to activate the PS Plus collection on PS4.

Only those users who abused this opportunity received punishment — accounts and consoles from which access to a set of games was given to another account only once or twice were not blocked.

Now, as reported by Brazilian media, the local court of Sao Paulo demanded that Sony lift the lock on PS5 consoles in the country-the buyer who filed the lawsuit said that the company was “abusing its rights” in this way.

It seems that for every locked console in the country Sony is issued a fine. At the same time, the company itself has not yet responded in any way.

Users, meanwhile, agree — they believe that if blocking an account for abusing the function can still be justified, then blocking the console is no longer acceptable

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