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Several PS5 users complain that Dualsense’s adaptive triggers break down



Several PS5 users complain that Dualsense's adaptive triggers break down

Now, how widespread is this problem with the DualSense triggers? Let’s look at some cases of PlayStation 5 users who are expressing their complaints.

If you have and are playing Sony’s new console, PlayStation 5, you are in the group of lucky ones who have been able to get one since the stock of the new consoles is still very scarce. PS5, like Xbox Series X / S, has been like this since it went on sale in November and its problem is not that it has been solved while 2020 is slowly approaching its end.

One of the great features of the console was its control, DualSense which discarded the functions of other controls to opt for haptic vibration and adaptive triggers, and the latter was remarkable since they adapted to the force exerted. For example, at soccer or basketball games, they would get harder to push to show fatigue but everything could be seen at its best in Astro’s Playroom.

Unfortunately, it seems that problems are starting to appear for some PS5 controller users but on ResetEra a user was complaining about trigger situations in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. ” A few days ago, I was swinging on Miles Morales and I felt the R2 disappointment and everything stopped,” EeK9X wrote on the forums. ” It seemed as if whatever the trigger resisted was breaking causing the trigger to release.”

They have had similar complaints on Reddit, with user mofftarkin33 stating that ” about a week in Demon’s Souls I noticed that the trigger was activated and deactivated at the slightest touch, or even movement. Inspecting the exterior, the R2 is somewhat looser than L2, any touch activates it. “

Many other players seem to have been blaming the trigger mechanism, which is somewhat flimsy, so it could be the very thing that was discussed on ResetEra.

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