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Sea of Thieves – How to Get the Clocktower Key



Sea of Thieves: Clocktower key

The Clocktower key is one of the Key Items required to progress ahead in the first Tall Tale of Sea of Thieves. Players will have to change the time of the town back to Midnight to increase the chances of getting inside the Mansion but the Clocktower will be locked and players will have to find its key to get inside the tower.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Get the Clocktower Key in Sea of Thieves.

How to Get the Clocktower Key in Sea of Thieves

The Clocktower Key is on one of the thirsty Pirates inside Scumm Bar and he will not give up the key easily so players will have to steal it but not when he is awake. Players need to make him sleep to steal the Clocktower Key from him. To do that, players must first apply for work in the bar and get the Chef’s Uniform. It will allow players to talk freely with the pirates and offer them more extra-potent grog that they like to drink.

Once players have the Chef’s Uniform, they will be able to fill up their Tankard from the barrel inside the kitchen and serve it to thirsty pirates in the bar. There are three thirst pirates and players can serve each one of them with a single fill. However, to pass all of them out, players need to serve them drinks three times. It will require players to fill up their Tankard three times in total. Once all the thirsty pirates are asleep, loot them to get Pieces o’ Eight and the Clocktower Key.

How to Get inside the Clocktower

Once players have obtained the Key from the thirst pirate in Scumm Bar, they need to make their way into the town and as they turn right from the main street, the Clocktower will be directly in front of them. Go to the entrance door of the Clocktower and use the key to unlock the first door. Now, go up the stairs and open the main room of the clocktower to enter inside the Clocktower.

Players will have to remove the Bone stuck between the cogs and then use the Wheel to change the time back to Midnight which will help them get inside the Mansion.

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