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Rumor Claims Microsoft Might Ship Sea of Thieves to PlayStation



Rumor claims Sea of Thieves might ship to PlayStation

As strong speculation of Microsoft bringing Hi-Fi Rush to Nintendo Switch is still going on, another rumor by Jeff Grubb, a journalist for Giant Bomb stated that Microsoft might be shipping Sea of Thieves to the rival competitor, Sony. During the Game Mess Mornings show earlier today, Jeff was positive about the Hi-Fi Rush rumor being accurate but he added the speculation of Sea of Thieves coming to PlayStation 5.

It arouses a lot of questions on the internet but also many possibilities as Sea of Thieves is one of the most successful games for Microsoft and XBOX. It has been over 5 years since the debut of the game and Rare (developer of Sea of Thieves) continuously adds new content for players to explore. With such consistent response from both devs and the players, PlayStation seems to be the perfect spot for the new home of the Sea of Thieves community.

Jeff Grubb didn’t share any time regarding the port of Sea of Thieves but he did mention that his sources told him that the Sea of Thieves ports are in exploration for its enhancement.

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