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Sea of Thieves – How to Reconstruct the Skeleton



Sea of Thieves: Reconstruct the Skeleton

Placing back the bones of Skeleton is one of the puzzles in Melee Island that players will have to solve to progress in the main quest of the first Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves. A pack of Poodles will kill and take away the bones of a Skeleton Ghost named Walt in the Back Alley of the Church. The entrance of the mansion is guarded with other Skeleton Ghosts and players will have to find an alter who would let them inside the castle.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Reconstruct the Skeleton in Sea of Thieves.

How to Reconstruct the Skeleton in Sea of Thieves

Once players feed the pack of Poodle with Root Beer Stewed Meat, they will take their revenge on the skeleton and take away his bones. To reconstruct the Skeleton, players will have to find 3 Bones and a Head which can be obtained by the following steps.

  • The first Bone can be found inside the Clocktower. Get the Clocktower Key to unlock the Clocktower and go inside it to free the Bone from the Cogs.
  • The second Bone can be found inside the Prison Cell on the right. Players need to get Gunpowder Gummies and stick it inside the lock and then buy the Fuse from the General Store to break open the cell. The Bone will be on the wall inside the cell.
  • The third bone can be obtained from Spiffy, the Dog. Spiffy can be found in Scumm Bar beside the Pirate Lords. Players need to buy the Cute Monkey Toy from the Citizen of Melee Island and give it to Spiffy to get the Bone.
  • Lastly, the Head can be obtained by replacing Murray with Captain Coco at the fireplace inside Scumm Bar. Players will get Captain Coco from prison after freeing Ortis from the cell.

By obtaining each Bone, players need to come back to the Skeleton Body and place the bone. After getting Murray, place Murray on the Skeleton and Murray will lead players to the entrance of the Mansion.

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