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Sea of Thieves – How to Open Shop of Melee Citizen



Sea of Thieves: Citizen of Melee

While exploring the local town of Melee Island, players will find several NPCs that will help players with the quest and one of the NPCs will be tied to the quest for which players have to open his shop. It will be the Citizen of Melee who has lost his Crate of Important Goods and players will have to get the crate as it would hold valuable items required for completing the quest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Open Shop of Melee Citizen in Sea of Thieves.

How to Open Shop of Melee Citizen in Sea of Thieves

Go to the Prison and on the table, there will be a Claw Hammer that you need to pick up. Now, make your way to the docks and place down the Claw Hammer somewhere at the docks because, in the meantime, you have to use the crane to pull out a cargo box from the water. Before using the crane, jump down into the water and use your sword to break the ropes. Now, come back up and use the pulleys of the crane to pull out the Cargo Box. Pick up the Claw Hammer to open the Cargo Box and pick up the Crate of Important Goods.

Now, go back into the town and as you turn right, you will see a Citizen of Melee. Give the Crate of Important Goods to him and he will open up his small shop and will give you a Meet & Greet Ticket which is important for getting inside the Mansion.

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