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Sker Ritual: Ashes of Sker Hotel – Complete Map Guide



Sker Ritual: Ashes of Sker Hotel – Complete Map Guide

Ashes of Sker Hotel is the second map in Sker Ritual which includes its own storyline objectives similar to the Cursed Lands of Lavernok map. Players who are only interested in reaching a High Score for their run can survive as many rounds as they can in Ashes of Sker Hotel map but if you are someone who also wants to uncover the story behind it, then this guide will help you with it.

We will walk you through the complete storyline objectives of the Ashes of Sker Hotel map in Sker Ritual.

Ashes of Sker Hotel – Main Objectives Walkthrough

Portal to Hell – Refuel the Teleportation Platform

The beginning objective is to restore the power to the Teleportation Platform in the main hallway. You need to pick up the empty canister by the teleportation platform and then open the room on the left side. Head downstairs and the first room on your left (Basement Furnace) contains the refueling station. However, the room will be filled with poisonous gas which will damage you If you step inside.

What you want to do here is shoot at the targets on the wall marked by the objective markers. There will be four targets in total three of which can be shot down standing outside of the room while one of them will require you to step inside the room only for a moment as it is tucked away in the corner.

Once you have destroyed the targets, the poisonous gas will stop and you will be able to interact with the refueling station to place the canister in the receptacle. Now, stand inside the red circle on the floor to fill the progress bar. After that, pick up the canister, go back to the main hall, and place the canister on the holder beside the gate.

Now, walk up to the teleportation platform and interact with it to complete the first objective.

Failure to Launch – Replace All Canisters for the Platform

The Teleportation Platform will fail upon interaction giving you an objective to find and replace all Canisters. There are three more canisters that you need to find, fill, and place in the holder to fully power the teleportation platform. You can find the canisters at the following locations.

  • Go into the corridor right side of the main staircase in the hall and turn to the left. You will find a canister on the bench.
  • You can find one in the Ground Floor Waiting Area behind the spawn area.
  • Go into the Ground Floor Chapel and you will find one on the bench on the left side.
  • You can find one in the Basement Room.

NOTE: The locations of the Canisters are randomized each time. The mentioned locations are the ones with the highest possibility of you finding them as soon as possible.

After getting all the canisters, you have to refuel each one in the Basement Furnace room and then place them in the holder in the main hall. You can find the holder by following the wires on the floor of the main hall. Once done, go to the teleportation platform and interact with it.

Strange Places

Upon interacting with the teleportation platform, it will teleport to another location where you have to interact with the storage box in front. As you interact with it, five Killerwatt enemies will spawn that you need to kill. After killing all Killerwatts, a Howler weapon will spawn in the box that you need to purchase to proceed ahead.

Enter the Cryptic Code

After acquiring the Howler, you will have to enter the Cryptic Code in the Basement rooms during the Dark Rounds. The Dark Rounds start randomly and you will have to wait for them to be activated for you to enter the codes. Once a Dark Round starts, head into the basement and turn to the right side to go ahead along the path.

You will come across two rooms: Basement Kitchen Storage and the Ground Floor Manager’s Office. Head into one of the rooms and you will see four heads on the wall. Look around the room to see highlighted numbers. These numbers represent the order in which you need to shoot the heads in the current room.

Upon shooting the heads in the correct order, the eyes of the heads will turn green meaning that the code is entered correctly. Do exactly the same process in the other room. Once done, go back up to the main hall and head up the main staircase to find the Navigation System of the teleportation platform. Interact with the system to activate it.

Searcher – Find the Punched Cards

For this objective, you need to use the Navigation System to select the place for the teleportation platform to travel to those places and get the punched cards from each place by completing their respective objectives. The three places where you need to get the punched cards are the following.

  • Theatre
  • Labyrinth
  • Void


To go to the Theatre, select the screen in the middle of the Navigation System and then head back to the teleportation platform and interact with it. Once you are in the Theatre, go to the stage and interact with the red button. Stay in the red circle for the Animatronic Rat to completely arise. After that, you need to find the new Animatronic parts for the broken Animatronic Rat.

  1. The first part, Animatronic Right Eye will be in the theatre on the seat.
  2. For the second part, teleport back to the main hall and make your way to the Ground Floor Waiting Area behind the spawn point. The Animatronic Hand will be on the couch on the left side.
  3. For the third part, head to the library by selecting the Yellow Screen (bottom right) on the Navigation Screen and then interacting with the teleportation platform. As you teleport, the Animatronic Arm will be in front of you.
  4. For the fourth part, head back to the main hall and make your way to the Basement Furnace room. Go to the end of the room to find a broken path and follow it to reach the Basement Storage where you will find the Animatronic Jaw.
  5. For the fifth part, head to the Basement Kitchen area where you entered the Cryptic code earlier and make your way to the Basement East Wing. Head into the first room on the left side and you will find the Animatronic Left Eye.

Upon finding all five Animatronic Parts for the Rat, head back to the Theatre and place all five parts on the Rat. After that, you need to power the Animatronic Rat by giving it Energy dropped by Killerwatts. You need to give 10 Energy pieces to the Rat to power it up. Killerwatts will spawn in all places throughout the next rounds so just kill them and collect the dropped Energy pieces.

Once you have ten Energy pieces, go back to the theatre to power the Rat and you will be able to acquire the first Punched Card.


Go to the Navigation System and select the screen with a Lamb in it, above the Theatre screen. Head to the teleportation platform and interact with it to teleport to the Labyrinth. Upon reaching the Labyrinth, interact with the button beneath the Green Light beside two Domes to lift them. One of the domes will have a lamb in it that you need to escort the Lamb to a Working Clone Machine.

The working cloning machine looks exactly the same as the one from where you just freed the lamb. However, there will be a few of them and some of them will have a Red Light on the console instead of Green. You need to find the Cloning Machine with the Green Light.

Now, the Labyrinth area is pretty big and its corridor leads to several paths and rooms. As the lamb follows you and the enemy can’t hurt the lamb, simply explore the Labyrinth area while defeating any enemy you see to find the working Cloning Machine. Upon finding the machine, let the lamb go into the left dome and then press the button on the machine to clone the lamb.

Now, you will have two lambs and you need to escort them to the next Working Cloning Machine. Repeat the same technique as before to find the machine and then clone the two lambs to make them four. Upon getting four lambs, you need to find the end room of the Labyrinth. The end room will have a giant platform in the middle alongside the teleportation platform.

Upon finding the room, let all four lambs stand on the platform and the Punched Card will come out. Pick up the punched card and get back to the main hall by interacting with the teleportation platform.


Go up to the Navigation System and select the Screen with a spotlight in it, it will be on the left side. Now, head to the teleportation platform and interact with it to teleport to the Void. Interact with the switch in front to turn on the spotlight and a circle will appear on the floor.

The objective here is simple, you need to kill the enemies when they are in the circle to fill the progress bar. It will take some time to fill up the progress bar so keep running around to lure the enemies into the circle and then kill them. Once the progress bar is filled, you can go ahead and pick up the final Punched Card.

Toxic Relationship – Insert the Punched Cards into the Navigation System

After getting all three Punched Cards, go back to the main hall and go up to the Navigation system. Interact with the system to insert all three Punched Cards and it will reveal a circle on the floor. You need to stay in the circle until the progress bar fills and protect the area.

Defeat Isaac

Once the progress fills up, you will get the objective to face the final boss, Isaac. To get to Isaac, go up to the Navigation System and select the top right screen, and then head to the teleportation platform and interact with it. It will take you to the boss arena where you will get to fight Isaac.

After defeating Isaac, the main storyline of Ashes of Sker Hotel will be completed and you will have the option of either leaving the map or staying in to get a High Score for your run.

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