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No Rest for the Wicked: How to Buy a House in Sacrament



No Rest for the Wicked: How to Buy a House in Sacrament

Pursuing the journey of a Cerim through the merciless Kingdom of Isola Sacra in No Rest for the Wicked will take you through several areas filled with all kinds of gruesome enemies. Clearing the areas from the enemies and exploring them to find useful resources and equipment is one of the essential playstyles of the game.

However, after each endeavor you undertake for the side or main quests, you always return to the main town called Sacrament unlocked after defeating the first boss, Warrick the Torn. Sacrament is a lively town with several Vendors in the marketplace to help you with almost everything you need. Furthermore, you can also get yourself a house in Sacrament where you can place down the storage chests, furniture items, and even crafting stations.

This guide will provide you with information on how to buy a house in No Rest for the Wicked.

How to Buy a House in No Rest for the Wicked

House is one of the essential places in No Rest for the Wicked as you can fill your house with all kinds of items that will help you manage your inventory and craft essential resources on your own. To get your first house in the town of Sacrament, you will have to complete the Of Rats and Raiders quest.

You can start this quest by going to the top left of the town where you will meet Winnick. He will ask you to deal with a powerful enemy named Darak located in the Orban Glades west of the Sacrament. As you follow along the quest, you will get to face Falstead Darak two times each time at a different location.

Defeating Falstead Darak is a mandatory part of the quest and upon following the main objectives of the quest and defeating him, return back to Sacrament to complete the quest. Upon completing the quest, several houses will be marked on your map as House for Sale.

Now, to get your first house in Sacrament, simply go to the location of the house and press the Y button to pay the requested price of the house and it will be yours. After buying the house, you will be able to go inside it and place down the items as you please.

However, the prices of the available houses will be high and the cheapest one that you can buy is for 20 Silver. You can earn money by selling off the items, armor, and weapons that you don’t need to get the money as fast as you can.

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