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No Rest for the Wicked: How to Defeat Falstead Darak



No Rest for the Wicked: How to Defeat Falstead Darak

Falstead Darak is the second main boss in the No Rest for the Wicked storyline path. Defeating him is a mandatory part of the Of Rats and Raiders quest which you get after reaching the Sacrament town. Unlike the first boss of the game, you will get to face Darak twice during the quest and he has two phases which makes this fight more difficult.

This guide will provide you with tips and a technique to defeat Falstead Darak along with the counter to his attacks in No Rest for the Wicked.

How to Defeat Falstead Darak in No Rest for the Wicked

1st Encounter

The first encounter with Falstead Darak takes place on a bridge along with several of Darak’s soldiers. These soldiers are pretty easy to deal with and your first focus should be on them so that you don’t get hit on the back while fighting Darak. Now, before we move on to the fight, you should know that there aren’t any potential weaknesses of Darak so do expect a difficult fight.

However, even though with no weaknesses, you can still do a bit more damage by using the Blade Oil and we recommend you bring along a few of them. Other than that, make sure that your equipment is fully repaired and have a decent amount of food to replenish your health throughout the fight.

Moving to the fight, you need to be patient with your attacks to not get caught by Darak’s follow-up attacks. He has several attacks and many of these attacks will slow him down after he performs them, allowing you to deal damage to him without the danger of getting hit back.

Furthermore, most of his attacks are very easy to parry and if you are good at parrying, you should parry the swing and slash attacks to disrupt him and get a couple of hits in. For the rest of the attacks, dodge away to avoid getting hit by them, and as soon as he slows down, dodge into him to get a hit on him.

A few of the tips that you can follow during the fight are the following.

  • At the start of the fight, use Blade Oil and parry the charge attack to instantly get a couple of hits on him. Alternatively, dodge the incoming attack in the forward direction to get behind the boss to attack him and then fall back.
  • Don’t stay too close to him as you can get hit by his Shield Barge attack.
  • Dodge away from the slam attacks and then attack him as he slows down.
  • Don’t overdo your attacks and keep your stamina meter in the green otherwise, you can get hit by a follow-up attack.
  • Rinse and repeat to complete the first encounter with Falstead Darak.

As mentioned earlier, you will have to be patient in this fight as the only opening you are going to get to attack Darak is when he slows down or parry the slash and swing attacks. Other than that, dodge and run to avoid his attacks.

All Attacks and Their Counters in the 1st Encounter

Darak uses a big sword with a shield on its left hand and he uses both of these weapons to attack some of which cover a large area. You can find all of his attacks and their counters below.

  • Charge Attack: Darak mostly begins with a Charge Attack running towards you to do a vertical slam attack with his sword.
    • Counter: Let him come to you and parry as soon as he brings down his sword. It will give you enough time to get a couple of hits on him or even a heavy attack. You can even bait this attack by staying far from him during the fight.
  • Sword Slam: Darak will vertically slam the sword on the ground. If you dodge it, he will follow up with two sword swings.
    • Counter: Dodge the sword slams and then parry the sword swing to get your hits on Darak.
  • Charge Spin: Darak will charge and spin with its sword if you stay close to him for too long.
    • Counter: Dodge to the opposite side of the swing.
  • Vertical Slash: Darak will do a quick vertical sword slash attack and follow up with a sword swing.
    • Counter: Dodge the slash if you are close to him and then parry the followed-up sword swing to get your hits on Darak.
  • Kick: Darak will kick in the forward direction.
    • Counter: Don’t stay in front of him for too long. Dodge to avoid the kick.
  • Shield Sweep and Slams: Darak will horizontally swipe his shield and if you are close to him, he will do three shield slams while tracking you.
    • Counter: Dodge through all of the attacks.
  • Frustrated Swings: Darak will make a gesture of being frustrated and begin to swing his swords in all possible directions while following you.
    • Counter: Parrying these swings is difficult due to slow swings. It is best to dodge the swings and he will slow down allowing you to get your hits on him.

Upon defeating Darak in the first encounter, he will flee from the area requiring you to continue along with the quest to find him again.

2nd Encounter

The second encounter with Darak takes place in the Black Trench area. It is a two-phased fight where you will have to deplete its HP two times. Make sure that you come prepared with all of your weapons repaired, a decent amount of food, and plenty of Blade Oil consumables.

1st Phase

The first phase of Darak during the second encounter is the same as the first encounter. All the move sets and attacks are the same so, it shouldn’t be very difficult to get through the first phase.

2nd Phase

As soon as you deplete all of Darak’s HP, he will turn into a monstrosity with tentacles coming out of his body. This phase has completely new attacks that you would have to look out for and most of them are hard to parry which makes dodging more of a potential choice for avoiding the attacks in this phase.

However, similar to the first phase, there are some attacks where Darak will stay on the ground for a good amount of time allowing you to get your heavy attacks or Rune Attacks on him for dealing extensive damage. These attacks contain his tentacle attacks and not his sword attacks because his sword attacks in this phase are kind of hard to time for parrying.

You can begin this fight by applying Blade Oil if left any and dodge any incoming attacks to get your first hits on him. Similar to the first phase, you need to be patient and don’t overdo your attacks. Conserve your stamina for dodging the attacks and then do a quick attack to immediately fall back to restore the stamina.

It is an even slower phase than the previous phase so stay focused on the incoming attacks at all costs to get the opening for your attacks.

All Attacks and Their Counters in 2nd Phase

In the second phase, Darak keeps his big sword but drops his Shield for Tentacle attacks. The Tentacles will come out of Darak’s back and slam and swing to cover a large area. You can find all of his attacks of the second phase and their counters below.

  • Point and Charge: Instead of the regular Charge Attack, Darak will point his sword in your direction before tentacles strike the directed position.
    • Counter: As soon as Darak points his sword, dodge to the left or right side to avoid the incoming tentacle strike.
  • Sword Swipe: Darak will swipe his sword up if you stay in front of him for too long.
    • Counter: You can parry it with perfect timing but since this attack is fast, it is better to dodge it.
  • Tentacle Back Swipe: Darak will swipe the tentacles if you stay on its back for too long.
    • Counter: Dodge to the front of Darak.
  • Ranged Tentacle Slams: Darak will stretch out a tentacle and slam it three times while tracking you.
    • Counter: Dodge through each slam and during the third slam, roll into Darak to get a couple of hits on him.
  • Spread Tentacle Slam: Darak will lean back while spreading all three tentacles and then jump ahead in the forward direction to slam on the ground with the tentacles spreading ahead.
    • Counter: Dodge toward Darak to get behind him. He will stay on the ground for a decent time allowing you to get your heavy attacks on him.
  • Tentacle Canon: Darak will stand on his tentacles and rush toward you to jump in the air and crash into your position.
    • Counter: Similar to the previous attack, dodge toward Darak to get behind him and use the heavy attacks or a Rune Attack to deal extensive damage.
  • Rampage: Similar to the Frustrated Swings attack in the first phase, Darak will begin to swing his sword in all directions along with a tentacle following in the same direction.
    • Counter: Don’t get too far from Darak as the tentacle swing makes it harder to dodge. Instead, go a bit close and start dodging to avoid both the sword and the tentacle swings. Once the attack is done, he will slow down allowing you to punish him with your attacks.

You mainly need to use the tentacle attacks to your advantage to deal the most damage to Darak. Other than that, you will only get a moment of getting in a couple of light attacks but with Darak down on the ground, you can utilize all your Heavy and Rune Attacks.

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