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No Rest for the Wicked: How to Get the Copper Ingots



No Rest for the Wicked: How to Get the Copper Ingots

No Rest for the Wicked offers various kinds of items throughout the game that will help you survive, strengthen your character, or upgrade equipment. Every item has a use in this game and one of the earliest items that you should consider finding and getting is the Copper Ingot.

Copper Ingots are mainly used for tier-I weapon upgrading and since weapon upgrading plays a crucial role in dealing with difficult enemies, this particular item can make your early journey of the game easier. This guide will provide you information with on how to get the Copper Ingots in No Rest for the Wicked.

How to Get the Copper Ingots in No Rest for the Wicked

There are various ways to get Copper Ingots in No Rest for the Wicked which are the following.

  • Looting Treasure Chests
  • Purchasing from Fillmore
  • Crafting at a Furnace

Looting Treasure Chests to Get Cooper Ingot

The first and basic way to get a Copper Ingot is by looting the chests found across the areas of the world map. There are two main chests that you will come across involving a small chest and a big chest. The big chests are well-hidden and have a higher chance of dropping a Copper Ingot.

However, since the loot in this game is randomized, there is no guarantee that you will get a Copper Ingot from looting the same chest that your friend or another player looted in their playthrough.

Purchasing Copper Ingot from Fillmore

The second and probably the best method for early game is purchasing the Copper Ingot from a vendor. Luckily, the vendor that you need to go to is the friendly Blacksmith, Fillmore who also provides services for repairing and upgrading your equipment. However, to get Copper Ingot from Fillmore, you must progress until you reach Sacrament.

Once you are at the Sacrament, Fillmore will fill his inventory with better items including Copper Ingots. He has an unlimited supply of Copper Ingots and each Copper Ingot will cost 12 Bronze Coins. You can easily make money by selling off the equipment that is of no use to you.

Crafting Copper Ingot at the Furnace

The final method of getting a Copper Ingot will probably take you a while as it involves getting a Furnace which is a crafting station. You can buy the Furnace from Danos for 3 Silver and 85 Bronze Coins which is a lot expensive, especially in the early game. Furthermore, you also need a space to place down the Furnace for which you must own a house in Sacrament.

You will eventually purchase a house in Sacrament after defeating the second main boss of the game but it will surely take some time. However, once you have got everything, you will be able to craft Copper Ingots by yourself by processing the Copper Ores at the Furnace.

Copper Ores are obtained by mining the Ore Veins using the Pickaxe. So, if you have mining the veins from starting of the game, you might have enough ores to craft several Copper Ingots.

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