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No Rest for the Wicked – Where to Find the Axe & Pickaxe Tools



No Rest for the Wicked – Where to Find the Axe & Pickaxe Tools

No Rest for the Wicked offers a vast range of equipment including weapons, shields, armor sets, rings, and much more but there are other essential items as well that will help you in upgrading your equipment. These items are the tools that can be equipped along with the rest of your character’s equipment and can be used to gather essential resources from the trees, ore veins, etc.

There are four tools in total all used for a specific activity. A couple of the most essential tools that you can get in the early hours of the game are an Axe and Pickaxe used to gather wood by cutting trees and mine ores from ore veins respectively.

As all of these resources are essential for upgrading the equipment, this guide will help you get both of the tools early in No Rest for the Wicked so that you don’t miss out on any essential resources.

Where to Find the Axe and Pickaxe in No Rest for the Wicked

Upon completing the prologue of the game, you will reach the shores area called the Shallows where you will get the first main quest for reaching the main city called Sacrament. The journey to Sacrament can take up to almost an hour depending upon how well you explore all of the areas.

Fortunatley, both of the tools, Axe and Pickaxe are obtained from within those areas specifically, The Shallows and the Mariner’s Keep. The exact locations for each tool is mentioned below.

Copper Woodcutter’s Axe Location – The Shallows

Copper Woodcutter’s Axe is the first tool that you will be able to get right from the beach where you spawn. Simply, go along the east side from where you spawn until you reach a lighted window before the swamp and you will find the Axe on the beach. Press the Y button to pick up the axe and then you can equip it from the inventory.

NOTE: All tools needs to be equipped in order to use them.

Copper Pickaxe – Mariner’s Keep

The Mariner’s Keep is reached by going through a gap in the wall beside the Fire Pit. Go to the left side from the main starcase and then go up the staircase on the left side. Look straight to see a pathway leading into a tower. Go ahead and an enemy with a crossbow will shoot at you. Head up to him to defeat him.

After defeating an enemy, go back a bit on the swirling staircase of the tower and out from the window to reach a wooden platform. Now, go at the end of the platform to pick up the pickaxe.

Now, that you have both of the tools, you will be able to cut down any trees and mine any ore veins along your journey.

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