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No Rest for the Wicked: Where to Find the Mess Hall Key



No Rest for the Wicked: Where to Find the Mess Hall Key

Pursuing your first main quest to the main city called Sacrament will require you to pass through various areas while defeating several enemies and taking down the first main boss, Warrick the Torn. Additionally, there will be several locked doors along the way that you would have to pass through to progress ahead.

One of the main doors that you would have to open is the big metal gate in the Mariner’s Keep for which you would require a Gate Lever Handle. The Gate Lever Handle is handed over to you by the friendly Blacksmith Fillmore, who will be held captive by enemies inside the Mess Hall.

You will be required to enter the Mess Hall to free Fillmore to get the handle to open the door but the Mess Hall’s door will also be locked and require its key. This guide will walk you through where you can find the Mess Hall Key to free Fillmore and progress ahead in No Rest for the Wicked.

Where to Find the Mess Hall Key in No Rest for the Wicked

The Mess Hall is in front of the big bonfire in the Mariner’s Keep and if you go near the door, you will get an overview look of the hall with Fillmore surrounded by three enemies. Luckily, the Mess Hall Key is not located far from the door.

Go to the right side towards the big metal door and take down the enemies if you haven’t and then go to the right side. There will be an opening for a wooden platform where you will find a body with a Mess Hall Key on it. Simply, go over to the body and press the Y button to loot the key.

Upon finding the key, head back to the Mess Hall and interact with the door to unlock it using the key. Now, take down the enemies in the hall to save Fillmore and then speak to him. He will give you the handle for the gate to pursue ahead and will also offer you services of repairing your equipment free of cost.

If you have died several times while making your way to this point, then it should probably be best to repair your equipment before heading ahead.

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