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Harold Halibut: Where to Find the Missing the Adapter



Harold Halibut: Where to Find the Missing the Adapter

Harold Halibut is a narrative adventure about Friends and Home that will take you on a long journey as Harold. Throughout the whole adventure, you will be using your PDA to track down the Main Tasks that are issued for you to complete for the chapter but things will get a bit tricky when you reach the second subchapter of Chapter 4.

Initially, you will be tasked to find something to do for which you need to head to the Crack at the Cave to meet Brigitte and help her power the computer. However, one of the cables will require an adapter to be plugged in where you will get the task to find the missing adapter.

Usually, the locations can be tracked down using the PDA but for this certain task, you will have to explore a bit on your own to get the Adapter. However, you can follow our guide to know exactly where you need to go and what actions to perform to get the Adapter.

Where to Find the Missing Adapter in Harold Halibut

Finding the Missing Adapter in Harold Halibut will first require you to complete an optional task that the game won’t mention under the Main Tasks. To find the Adapter, head back to the Central Station in Fedora, and from there, enter the next tube to go to the Energy District. Make your way towards Brigitte’s Office and enter inside to find Slippie. Speak to Slippie and choose the YES option when he asks for help with the machine.

  • Open the Cover on the machine by using the movement keys.
  • Hover the cable into the slot and press the interaction key.
  • Grab the lever and then pull it up using the movement keys.

After helping Slippie with the machine, you will receive a message from Filter Frankie about the Adapter. Now, head to the tube and select the Lab District as the destination. Head into the LVL 1 and go down the stairs. Go to the right side towards the Filtration Pump 014F and a cutscene will begin in which you will get the Adapter from Filter Frankie.

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