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Harold Halibut: Chapter 3 – Walkthrough



Harold Halibut: Chapter 3 – Walkthrough

The following guide will help you complete Chapter 3 of Harold Halibut.

Harold Halibut – Chapter 3 Walkthrough

There are five sub-chapters included in the third chapter that players must progress through by completing the main tasks in each one. All the sub-chapters in the third chapter are as follows.

  • Chapter 3.1 – Arrival
  • Chapter 3.2 – Exploring the Cave
  • Chapter 3.3 – Exploration with Weeoo
  • Chapter 3.4 – The Crack
  • Chapter 3.5 – Back Home

In this walkthrough guide, you can find the main tasks related to each sub-chapter in their respective section.

Chapter 3.1 – Arrival

As you make your way towards Weeoo’s home at the end of Chapter Two, you will finally reach the land at the start of this chapter. Upon getting on the land from the submarine, follow Weeoo ahead until you reach her home, The Cave. Reaching the Cave will start a brief cutscene, and you have to follow her to the main city.

Weeoo will then leave you with a snail at the waiting bench. Interact with the snail to talk to it and you will get to select a few dialogue options. Choose any dialogue option you wish and once you are done, you will be free to explore the city which will conclude the first subchapter of Chapter Three.

Chapter 3.2 – Exploring the Cave

After speaking with the snail, go out of the waiting area through the triangle doorway to get the first main task.

All Main Tasks in Chapter 3.2

Explore the Cave

Start going ahead in the city and speak with every Alien NPC you see at every unique station. As you reach a station where the Aliens are playing an instrument, two Aliens will come to you and ask you to follow them.

Follow the Little Aliens

Follow the aliens down to an open platform and you will get to follow their instructions to perform a brief ritual.

  • Stand on the light.
  • When a log appears in the center, move up to the white light.
  • Use the movement keys to move around the log.
  • Lastly, follow the light to stay on it to complete the ritual.

Upon completing the Ritual, it will conclude this subchapter.

Chapter 3.3 – Exploration with Weeoo

Weeoo will come to you as you complete the ritual and it will begin a cutscene. During the cutscene, you will get to choose a few dialogue options. Choose whatever you see fit and you will get to follow Weeoo around the city. Keep on following Weeoo to conclude this subchapter.

Chapter 3.4 – The Crack

After the tour of the Cave from Weeoo, you will get the main task.

All Main Tasks in Chapter 3.4

Find the source of the Particles

Professor Mareaux will remind Harold to find the source of the particles. This objective is pretty linear, all you have to do is follow Weeoo to the Crack which will begin another cutscene.

Revisit the Library

After the cutscene, you need to go back to the Cave and go inside the library which will be the Pyramid station. Reaching there will complete the objective.

Find the Right Book

Once there, you need to find the right book about the Crack. The books are embedded into the wall and you need to interact with them to find the required one. Go against the wall and interact with the books to see various visuals. The correct book is on the front wall of the library.

After finding the correct book, speak with the librarian to begin a cutscene. Once the cutscene is over, follow Weeoo to her house which will begin another cutscene.

Chapter 3.5 – Back Home

As you wake up from some rest, Weeoo will tell you to get back to the submarine. Follow Weeoo out of the Cave and head back to the Submarine which will initiate a cutscene of returning to Fedora. It concludes Chapter Three of Harold Halibut.

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