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Harold Halibut: Chapter 5 – Walkthrough



Harold Halibut: Chapter 5 – Walkthrough

The following guide will help you complete Chapter 5 of Harold Halibut.

Harold Halibut – Chapter 5 Walkthrough

There are three sub-chapters included in the fifth chapter that players must progress through by completing the main tasks in each one. All the sub-chapters in the fifth chapter are as follows.

  • Chapter 5.1 – A Strange Place
  • Chapter 5.2 – Four Ways
  • Chapter 5.3 – The Mysterious Forest

Unlike the previous chapters of Harold Halibut, Chapter Five is pretty straightforward and there aren’t any Main Tasks that are shown as objective. However, with this guide, you can follow along to complete the chapter.

Chapter 5.1 – A Strange Place

Upon completing Chapter Four, Harold and Weeoo will make their way down from the Crack. After the cutscene when you get control of Harold, keep going straight until you reach the Filtration Pump. Interact with the lever to start another cutscene which will conclude the first subchapter.

Chapter 5.2 – Four Ways

Harold wakes up in his room and speaks with Felix who will show a mysterious Portal in Harold’s room. Step into the portal to see four different paths. At the end of every path, there is Harold’s room where you need to interact with the bed to initiate a unique sequence. For now, choose any path you wish and make your way to the bed.

Upon initiating the first sequence by interacting with the bed, Harold will be in the hallway of All Water District. Here, you need to keep walking ahead until you reach the end of the hallway and the cutscene begins.

After the cutscene, once you are back at the start of the pathway, the path you chose first will be removed and you need to go on to the next path. For the second sequence, Harold will be inside Chasslechop’s Office. Here, you need to walk up to the center of the wall and interact with it to start another cutscene.

Once you are back on the pathway again, go to the next path to initiate the next sequence. For the third sequence, Harold will be lying in the swimming pool. You need to hold the interaction button for Harold to breathe until Harold turns Red. Go through the sequence until the cutscene begins and you are brought back to the pathway.

For the fourth and final sequence, you need to move Harold and Weeoo ahead using the movement keys. Another cutscene will begin which will conclude this subchapter.

Chapter 5.3 – The Mysterious Forest

The next subchapter begins in a glowing forest with Harold and Weeoo going through it. Once you get the control, move ahead until a cutscene begins and you see glowing jellyfish. Now, walk toward the glowing jellyfish and to the very end of the path. A Dragon made of glowing jellyfish will appear and you have to follow it.

Harold and Weeoo will begin to fly and you need to control them to go through the Glowing Rings left behind by the Dragon. However, it is not necessary to go through all of the rings. As you reach the Crack tunnel and make your way towards the light, it will conclude Chapter Five.

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