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No Rest for the Wicked: Where to Find the Claymore



No Rest for the Wicked: Where to Find the Claymore

No Rest for the Wicked offers over 20 different weapon types each with a unique playstyle and Rune Attack (Special Attack). Beginning your journey with a simple sword or Dual Blades at the shore will allow you to get past the early enemies but can come short against stronger enemies.

However, there is a Two-Handed Great Sword named Claymore that players can get right off the start at the shore which can be proven to be a great weapon for the early game especially if you are going for the Strength Build. This guide will help you get the Claymore in No Rest for the Wicked.

Where to Find the Claymore in No Rest for the Wicked

The Claymore is found inside the treasure chest located on the outer edge of the western tower at the Shore. You can follow the following steps to reach the chest and get the Claymore.

  • As you wake up on the Shore after completing the Prologue of the game, continue ahead in the west direction to come across the Captain of the ship.
  • Cross the bridge ahead, and turn to the left side to reach a small separate area of the Shore.
  • Here, you will engage in a fight with a single enemy and find the Fishing Rod on a dead body.
  • Continue ahead along the shore to come across a tower with a visible treasure chest on the outer part of the tower.
  • Go up to the wooden path outside of the tower and loot the chest to get yourself a Claymore.

Furthermore, this is the tower with the very first Whisper (Bonfire) where you will get to rest and gain a checkpoint for your progress. So, if you happen to not loot the chest outside of the tower, make sure to go back to the tower to get the first Great Sword of the game.

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