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No Rest for the Wicked: Where to Find the Fishing Rod & How to Catch Fish



No Rest for the Wicked: Where to Find the Fishing Rod & How to Catch Fish

No Rest for the Wicked is both gruesome and merciless when it comes to combat. However, there is another side of No Rest for the Wicked that will put some relaxation on your face while engaging in pleasant activities like cutting down trees, mining ores, digging up treasures, or even catching fish. All of these activities are pleasant yet essential.

Every one of these mentioned activities provides some kind of resource that will help you strengthen your equipment or cook meals to replenish your health and gain various buffs. Although, you still need a certain tool for the respective activity and if you want to catch fish for making various meals, you need to get a Fishing Rod.

This guide will help you get the Fishing Rod early as well as provide you with information on how to catch fish in No Rest for the Wicked.

Where to Find the Fishing Rod in No Rest for the Wicked

Once you have washed up on the shore after the prologue, you need to continue ahead in the west direction where you will find the Captain of the ship on his last breath. After speaking to him, continue ahead to cross the bridge and stay on the left side to reach a separate small area of the shore.

Here, you will see an enemy next to a dead body on the shore with a Fishing Rod on it. Engage in a fight with the enemy and defeat it, and then go over to the body and press the Y button to pick up the Pine Fishing Rod.

How to Catch Fish in No Rest for the Wicked

After finding and picking up the fishing rod, you will be able to use this tool to catch fish. However, you must first equip the tool to use it. To equip the Fishing Rod tool, open the inventory by holding down the Menu button, and then select and equip the Pine Fishing Rod into a Tool Slot.

Once you have equipped the fishing rod tool, you will be able to catch fish at any water pool where the fish are jumping in and out of the water. Simply head over to the fishing spot, and press the Y button to cast the line into the water. Now, keep your eyes peeled at the line, and as soon as a fish bites it, press the Y button to reel in the fish.

All caught fish will be stored in the inventory alongside other ingredients that are used for cooking so when you find a cooking recipe for a fish, you will be able to cook fish at the campfire.  

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