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No Rest for the Wicked: Which Stats to Level Up Early



No Rest for the Wicked: Which Stats to Level Up Early

Jumping into the new ARPG, No Rest for the Wicked will embark you on a journey where you get to explore and deal with the threats of the treacherous and dangerous world of Isola Sacra. After the brief tutorial on the ship about the combat, you will be washed up on the shore, left alone to make your way to Sacrament.

However, the journey ahead is not welcoming as you will encounter various enemy types that should be dealt with. Your best bet to survive through all of the fights in the early game is to increase the certain stats of your character so that you can survive for longer and deal more damage to the enemies.

No Rest for the Wicked offers several attributes for your character in which you can spend points to strengthen your character but it is best to learn which one should you enhance first to both guarantee the survivability of your character as well as enhance the output damage against any threat.

This guide will highlight all the attributes of the character that you can level up along with the ones that you should level up early in No Rest for the Wicked for a better gameplay experience.

All Attributes Explained in No Rest for the Wicked

Before we tell you the best attributes to level up first, take a look at all the available attributes for the character in the game and what they do.

  • Health: Increases your resilience to damage, allowing you to withstand more hits before dying.
  • Stamina: Increases the number of attacks, dodges, or blocks you can perform.
  • Strength: Increases the strength of your character: Weapons that scale with strength receive an attribute bonus.
  • Dexterity: Increases the dexterity of your character: Weapons that scale with dexterity receive an attribute bonus.
  • Intelligence: Increases your character’s intelligence: Weapons that scale with intelligence receive an attribute bonus.
  • Faith: Increases your character’s faith: Weapons that scale with faith receive an attribute bonus.
  • Focus: Increase this attribute to acquire additional focus bars; a new focus bar is granted for every 100 focus points. Focus bars are essential for unleashing powerful rune attacks. Every point spent in Focus adds 20 focus points.
  • Equip Load: Raises the limit for equipped gear weight before encumbrance sets in. Your dodge type is determined by movement speed: fast speed allows for a quickstep, normal speed grants a roll, and heavy speed results in a more substantial roll coupled with the capability to execute a shoulder barge. knocking down enemies.

The effect of attributes is similar to any Souls Like games so, if you have ever played any, you will be hooked up to this stats enhancement mechanic quickly.

How to Level Up Stats in No Rest for the Wicked

The next thing that you might want to learn and keep in mind throughout the whole journey is how to increase the stats of your character. Unlike the Souls Like games where you have to rest at the Bonfire to Level Up the stats, No Rest for the Wicked allows players to level up the stats anywhere.

  • Press the Menu Button to open the menu.
  • Select the Stats option in the menu.
  • Go over the attributes section on the left side and press the arrow or use the right button on the d-pad to allocate attribute points in the selected attribute.
  • Once done, press the A button to confirm the level-up.

Increasing each level of an attribute will cost one Attribute Point and every time your character levels up, you will gain Three Attribute Points. Meaning, that you will be able to allocate three points every time your character levels up to either various attributes or a single attribute.

Which Stats You Should Level Up Early in No Rest for the Wicked

Now, that you know what each attribute does and how to level up the stats, it’s time to learn which one should you level up early. There are three main stats to which you should allocate the attribute points – Health, Stamina, and Focus.

Health increases the maximum HP of your character allowing a higher chance of survivability especially against much stronger foes. Stamina is very crucial as every action you do during combat consumes a certain amount of Stamina. Running out of Stamina will put you in a dangerous spot as it makes you ineligible to block, dodge, and attack.

Lastly, Focus is very important especially if you like using special (Rune) attacks on your equipped weapon. However, not all weapons have the ability to perform special attacks but if you have one, using it will deal extensive damage to the foes. Utilizing a Rune Attack will consume a Focus Point which charges as you attack, block, parry, and dodge during combat.

At the start of the game, you will only start with one Focus Bar, allowing you to use only a single Rune Attack of your equipped weapon until it recharges. However, if you spend attribute points into Focus, you will gain an additional Focus Bar after 100 focus points. Each point you spend on a Focus attribute is equivalent to 20 focus points, so, spending 5 attribute points in total will gain you a second Focus Bar and so on.

Furthermore, another two Attributes that you can optionally spend points on are Strength and Dexterity. It is because you can find a Claymore in a treasure chest in the starting area of the game which scales with Strength, and your very first weapon Brothers Keepers is Dual Blades which scale with Dexterity.

Allocating points in a stat respective to which your weapon scales with increase their output damage which can help you greatly in taking down the enemies easily. Similarly, for other attributes like Intelligence and Faith, when you find suitable weapons that scale with any one of those attributes, start spending points in the respective stat to gain bonuses for the weapons.

Lastly, the Equip Load attribute is completely dependent on you due to the various dodge types that it offers. If you want to be quick, then you would probably have to invest in some points after finding a good armor set but if you wish to be heavy and want to knock over enemies with a shoulder barge, then you can leave it as it is.

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