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No Rest for the Wicked: How to Repair Weapons and Armor



No Rest for the Wicked: How to Repair Weapons and Armor

The journey across the Kingdom of Isola Sacra is definitely not pleasant in No Rest for the Wicked as you will get to engage in a fight with all sorts of gruesome and merciless enemies. Falling to your death either at the hands of the enemies or literally falling to death will decrease the durability by a certain percentage of your equipped gear which involves weapons and armor reducing their impact.

The durability factor plays a crucial role in No Rest for the Wicked and if your weapons and armor are low on durability, it might be the very reason you are finding it hard to defeat the enemies. It is best to repair all of your equipment before taking on any further difficult fights.

This guide will provide you with information on how can you repair your weapons and armor in No Rest for the Wicked.

How to Repair Weapons and Armor in No Rest for the Wicked

Repairing all of your weapons and armor or the equipped weapons and armor is done by speaking with a friendly Blacksmith named Fillmore. Fillmore charges a certain amount of money depending on the condition of the weapons and armor.

However, the money factor comes in once you have reached the Sacrament, before that, Fillmore will offer his repairing services for free of cost at the Mess Hall in the Mariner’s Keep area. Players will reach the Mariner’s Keep at the starting hour of the game where they will have to get the Gate Lever Handle to get past the metal gate.

To get the Gate Lever Handle, players will have to rescue Fillmore, locked inside Mess Hall and surrounded by the enemies. Players will have to find the Mess Hall Key to open the locked door to save him. Upon saving Fillmore, he will hand over the lever handle for players to pursue ahead as well as offer his services of Repairs.

Simply speak to Fillmore and select the “Repair” option to either repair equipped gear or all gear items in the inventory for free.

Alternatively, there is also another way to repair your weapons and armor and that is by using the Repair Powder consumable item. Using the Repair Powder will replenish 50 durability to all equipped items. You can get the Repair Powder by breaking the barrels and looting the chests.

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