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No Rest for the Wicked: How to Defeat Warrick the Torn



No Rest for the Wicked: How to Defeat Warrick the Torn

Undertaking your first quest to reach Sacrament will require you to cross through various areas with several enemies. As you defeat those enemies and progress ahead, you will reach Orban Glades where you will encounter the game’s first main boss, Warrick the Torn. Defeating Warrick the Torn is mandatory to reach Sacrament and clear the path for a friendly Blacksmith, Fillmore.

This guide will give you an insight into how to defeat Warrick the Torn in No Rest for the Wicked.

How to Defeat Warrick the Torn in No Rest for the Wicked

Defeating Warrick the Torn can be done in various ways but if you want to guarantee your victory over this first boss, then we recommend you keep the following quick items at your disposal.

  • 2x Blade Oil
  • 2x Flamescale Oil

Both of these items are for your weapon to upscale their output damage. The Blade Oil increases the Physical Damage to deal more damage on each hit, whereas, the Flamescale Oil infuses your weapon with Fire, allowing you to deal Heat Damage at every strike.

Now, Warrick the Torn is weakened against Heat and it is your best bet to use the Flamescale Oil on your weapon to inflict as much Heat Damage as possible to deal extensive damage. You can get the Flamescale Oil from Fillmore for 31 Bronze Coins. Get two of them as it only infuses the weapon for a limited time similar to Blade Oil.

For the actual fight, you can follow the following tips to guarantee the hits on the boss.

  • Keep your Character on Light or Medium weight. Heavy Weight will slow you down and consume stamina quickly making it hard for you to evade incoming attacks.
  • Use a one-handed sword with a shield or use a dual-blade weapon.
  • At the start of the fight, use Blade Oil and dodge the incoming attack in the forward direction to get behind the boss. Get a couple of hits in and then move back. If your Focus Gauge is charged, use the Rune Attack to deal great damage.
  • Move around the boss to dodge the incoming attack easily to get behind him and then deal more damage.
  • Keep repeating the steps until you have depleted almost half of its HP and then switch to Flamescale Oil instead of Blade Oil.
  • Similar to the previous steps, stay behind the boss by dodging its attacks and keep hitting it a couple of times after every dodge.
  • Don’t overdo your attacks and keep your stamina meter in the green otherwise, you can get hit by a follow-up attack.
  • Rinse and repeat to defeat Warrick the Torn boss.

The main technique to defeat Warrick the Torn is to simply stay behind him as he doesn’t have any attack to perform at its back. He always turns around to attack which gives you enough time to dodge ahead and get behind him again.

Alongside this method, make sure that you bring enough food items to heal in case you get hit by any of his attacks. The best number of food items that you should bring would be 7 or 8.

Warrick the Torn All Attacks and Their Counters

Warrick the Torn is a mutated Humanoid Spider with a large sword that has several attacks at its disposal and all of them deal a great amount of damage. It’s best for you to learn the pattern of his attacks so you can counter them easily with your attacks to deal damage to him.

  • Sword Slam: Warrick will raise the sword and slam in the front direction. He will do only one slam earlier in the fight but as you deplete more of its HP, it will double and even triple the slams but all in the forward direction.
    • Counter: Roll either to the left or right side to avoid getting hit by it and then get a quick hit on Warrick.
  • Lunging Stab: Warrick will lunge toward you with the Sword pointing in the forward direction.
    • Counter: Roll toward Warrick to dodge the attack and then get a quick couple of hits on Warrick.
  • Jump Slam: Warrick will jump in the air and slam its sword on your position.
    • Counter: When you see Warrick go into the air, dodge in the forward direction to immediately get behind him to get a couple of hits in.
  • Wide Swing Slash: Warrick will swing its sword from right to left covering a lot of ground.
    • Counter: While staying close to Warrick, dodge in the forward direction to get behind him and then attack him.
  • Spinning Slash: Warrick will spin in the forward direction with its sword slashing the path.
    • Counter: Maintain a medium distance from him and as soon as he covers the first spin, dodge in the forward direction to get behind him. Warrick will stay on the ground for a good one to two seconds, giving you enough time to land a heavy attack or the Rune Attack if available.

Apart from these attacks, Warrick will do a loud roar once you have depleted half of its HP. After this roar, Warrick will turn more aggressive with its attacks but if you follow along the counters of its attacks with Flamescale Oil equipped on your weapon, you will be able to do significant damage to it and defeat in no-time.

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