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Sker Ritual: Cursed Lands of Lavernok – Complete Map Guide



Sker Ritual: Cursed Lands of Lavernok – Complete Map Guide

Sker Ritual is a round-based Zombie survival FPS very similar to COD Zombies in which you have to survive as many rounds as you can to get a high score on the board. There are several maps for your squad to play and survive in but there are also story-related objectives for each map that players can choose to complete to make their way to the final boss at the end of each map.

Starting off with the first map, Cursed Lands of Lavernok, players will get to explore and annihilate enemies in a village with several different accessible areas. This guide will help walk you through the main objectives of the Cursed Lands of Lavernok map in Sker Ritual.

Cursed Lands of Lavernok – Main Objectives Walkthrough

Sabotage – Destroy the Power Generators

The first main objective of Cursed Lands of Lavernok is to destroy four Power Generators in Lavernok Point area. Upon starting the map, make your way to the Chapel Grounds from the Old Chapel and keep on going straight ahead to cross a wooden bridge to reach a house. Open the door using the points to reach Lavernok Point and you will see the first Power Generator in front of you outside the house.

These Power Generators are big boxes emitting blue lights and you can destroy them either by shooting it a couple of times or hitting it with a melee attack a couple of times. As you destroy the first Power Generator, you will see the progression bar for the objective filled up. Now, to find the rest of the three Power Generators, look on the ground and start following the big wires.

The wires will take you straight to the Power Generators. Once you have destroyed all four Power Generators, you will get the objective to get to the Underground Chamber.

Descend into Hell – Go to the Underground Chamber

To get to the Underground Chamber, open the door to the Farmlands and then head to the left side and keep following the path until you reach a house with the Laughing Policeman. Grab a gun if you want and if you look to the right side, there will be an opened hatch leading downstairs. Go down and open the door with the Essence Points to get access to the Laboratory.

Now, go down into the Laboratory and run straight through its hallway to the other side to find the door to the Main Chamber. Open the door to reach the Underground Chamber to update the main objective.

Gates of Hell – Get the Four Cylinders

Here, you need to gather four specific cylinders to power the Vault Door so that you can open it. The four cylinders that you need are the following.

  • Hero Cylinder
  • Medusa Cylinder
  • Siren Cylinder
  • Cerberus Cylinder

Hero Cylinder

From the main chamber, head straight from the altar in the middle to open the door to the Morgue. Head into the Morgue and you will see a Furnace. Interact with it and stay within the vicinity of the circle on the floor until the Furnace lid opens. Once it is opened, you need to ignite it by letting the Blazeslinger Zombies shoot fire at it.

Simply stand in front of the furnace and let the Blazeslinger zombies come to you. As soon as you see them stretching their arms, move out of the way and the progress bar for igniting the furnace will start going up. Do that a couple of times to fully ignite the furnace. Once the furnace is ignited, you need to add Entrails to it. You can get Entrails by killing the zombies so go around the areas to kill zombies and pick up 10x Entrails.

Add all ten Entrails to the furnace and it will unlock a room right in front of the furnace room. Head into the room and grab the Hero Furnace from the wall.

Medusa Cylinder

Head out to the Farmlands and follow the marked objective icon to reach a box under the tree. Interact with the box and you will get to defeat five Banshee enemies. After defeating them, interact with the box again to purchase the Thunderbolt weapon. Now, you need to use the Thunderbolt weapon to shoot four scarecrows around the fields.

There will be several scarecrows in the fields but the ones that you need to shoot are the metal ones which will emit a small blue light when you get near them. Additionally, all of these scarecrows will be at the edge of the fields so keep circling the edge to find the right scarecrows and then shoot them.

After shooting all four metal scarecrows, head back to the Laboratory and look up to the ceiling to see four Electric Coils. You need to destroy all four Electric Coils with the Thunderbolt. Once done, step into the small console room on the side and stand in the circle on the floor. Keep yourself inside the circle until the progress bar fills up.

Once the coils have been charged after filling the progress bar, run out and follow the blue wires to get the Medusa Cylinder.

Siren Cylinder

For the Siren Cylinder, head back to the Farmlands and follow the objective marker to reach William’s Family Office. Go up to the desk to find a Wooden Cross. Pick it up and then make your way back to the Farmlands and follow the marker to reach a coffin. Interact with it to place the wooden cross on the coffin to open it and then pick up the Lantern off of it.

Now, make your way back to the William’s Family area to start searching for the symbols on the paintings. There will be four paintings each one with a unique symbol and a number at the bottom. Make sure to equip the Lantern while searching for the required paintings. The paintings will be in the following rooms of the area.

  • Staircase Hallway
  • William’s Family Office
  • William’s Family Study
  • Old Library

Make sure to remember the symbols and the number of each painting as you are going to need them to remove a bookshelf in the Old Library. Head to the Old Library and you will see four combinations of various pictures. You need to roll the combination to put on the required symbol respective to the number. Once done, grab the Siren Cylinder from the wall.

Cerberus Cylinder

For the Cerberus Cylinder, make all the way back to Lavernok Point and then follow the objective marker to a house to open the door. It will take you to the Woodlands where you will see a giant Statue with a Caged Lamb underneath it. Here, you need to destroy four statues around the area by shooting at them.

Once you have destroyed the statues, go back to the statue in the middle and look on the four sides of the cage to see four different symbols. These symbols are for the code that you need to crack by rotating the four statues facing the same symbol respective to the symbol on the side of the cage. Upon doing each one right, you will see that the respective side of the cage will start glowing.

Upon rotating the statues in the right direction, all the sides of the cage will be removed and then you need to follow the lamb. Protect the lamb from the zombies and follow it all the way to the Old Chapel. Now, a circle will appear on the ground and you need to kill the zombies while they are in the circle to fill the progress bar.

After filling the progress bar, you can pick up the final cylinder.

Deal With the Devil – Open the Vault Door

Upon getting all four cylinders, head back to the Main Chamber and you need to place all the cylinders in the corresponding spots on the Altar in the middle of the Main Chamber.

Feed the Devil – Repower the Vault Door

The Altar will lower but the power will fail to open the Vault Door. Here, you will get another objective of repowering the Vault Door by escorting the Syphoner into the position. To do so, head to the Laboratory and go to the right side to open the door and reach the Broadcast Room. You will see a red circle on the floor in which you need to stay to escort the Syphoner.

Additionally, while escorting the Syphoner, you will also have to kill the zombies inside the circle to let the Syphoner extract their bodies. It will also fill the progress bar. You will have to do both of these actions a few times until the progress bar is completely filled.

Once done, head back to the Main Chamber and stand in the red circle to power to the Vault Door and it will start opening.

Reveal the Way – Unlock the Second Level of the Broadcast Room

Head inside the vault door and you will see a giant machine in the middle. You need to destroy four coils on its side to unlock the second level of the broadcast room. However, the coils of the machine will light up randomly one at a time for a short period of time. You need to keep shooting a coil to deal damage to it and keep on repeating until they are all destroyed.

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Once the machine is destroyed, head down the stairs to the second level of the Broadcast Room where you will get to face Abraham, the final boss of the level. Defeat the boss to complete the main storyline of the Cursed Lands of Lavernok Map of Sker Ritual.

Upon completing the main objectives, you can either head to the main door to conclude the map or you can stay to slay more zombies for a high score record.

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