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Sony is working on a solution to the CMOS battery problem in PlayStation consoles



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In March 2021, it was discovered that if the internal battery powering the CMOS chip in PlayStation consoles runs out of power or is removed, players will not be able to run digital versions of games without syncing with PSN. In the case of the PS4, this includes physical copies.

This caused a lot of resonance in the community, and many users were concerned about preserving their game libraries. Team, Does it play? who first spotted the problem even provided an email template to send to Sony.

In April, reports began to emerge that Sony was indeed working on fixing the problem. Insiders cited anonymous sources, and users started receiving emails from tech support notifying them that the company was looking into the situation.

Earlier, after similar criticism from the gaming community and developers, Sony reversed its decision to close the digital shops on PS3 and PS Vita.

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