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Sony shipped 3.4 million PS5s in its first month and is expected to ship up to 18 million in 2021



Sony Is Reportedly Investigating The Corruption Issue Of The PS5 And PS4 Consoles

Up to 3.4 million PS5s had been distributed by Sony in the first four weeks, according to a recent report.

The trickle of data related to the sales and distribution of the new generation consoles that landed on the market a few weeks ago continues. This time, the data is focused on PS5, a console that has meant the largest launch for Sony in the history of the PlayStation brand.

The distribution figures for PlayStation 5 for the first four weeks that it has been available have already been known. Apparently, Sony would have distributed 3.4 million PS5s in this time, indicating, once again that it has been the highest volume of shipments for a console of the brand.

Of course, there are a few units, although it seems that it has not been enough to satisfy the demand for PS5 by consumers. The distribution problems have been and are palpable due to the global pandemic, although 2021 could be a breath of fresh air.

In the same article, it was commented that Sony plans to distribute between 16.8 and 18 million units of PS5 for the next and imminent year, which would largely solve this lack of initial stock. The Asian market is especially mentioned, whose community would receive more consoles from the month of January.

However, this information is liable to vary, since it is not official data that comes from Sony. In the first few weeks since a console was launched much information is based on estimates.

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