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Soulkeeper Diaries – Review



Soulekeeper Diaries - Review

Soulkeeper Diaries is an Action-Adventure game with Souls-like mechanics developed and published by Ashina Studios. Soulkeeper Diaries is a unique souls-like game that gives a vibe of a cozy farming game at the start but as you fly in the balloon to explore other worlds, the cruel creatures in the worlds will encounter you.

Story & Gameplay

You will get to play Dogu who is looking for his World so that he can get home. However, the journey to his Home World is filled with danger that he needs to face and conquer. You will start at Breeze Island, a cozy flying island filled with friendly pigs. The friendly pigs will help you understand a few mechanics of the game which are nothing too complicated such as crafting recipes, repairing weapons, upgrading weapons, repairing or refueling the balloon, and upgrading the balloon.

The gameplay of Soulkeeper Diaries is somewhat similar to Souls-like game but it is something that is not too harsh. As mentioned earlier, the theme of the game looks like a cozy farming game so, it is hard to comprehend that it is a soul-like game. You will encounter enemies not long into the game and you find them very easy as they die by just mashing the attack button. However, as you visit other worlds and explore various islands, you will run into Boss Fights that do need some sort of strategy which again, is nothing too harsh. The game is very forgiving as you find the Altars after every short encounter with enemies where you can rest to heal Dogu, craft recipes, or upgrade the equipment.

The additional mechanics like flying the Balloon and fighting enemies’ Balloons are an interesting addition to the game. It does add a little fun to the adventure as you get to use various weapons of your balloon to take out other enemies’ balloons or you can get to their balloon and defeat them on their balloon in a classic sword fight. The controls of the game are a bit clunky and feel sometimes off.

There are several worlds that you get to visit and in each world, you will get to learn something new and meet friendly creatures that will help you level up your equipment.

Visuals & Sound

The visuals of the game are friendly looking so, you won’t fear enemies or even bosses instead, you will welcome them to their death. You will find the visuals of the game somewhat similar to Everdream Valley and the only difference is instead of farming and taking care of the farm, you are defeating enemies to get to the home world.

Throughout the adventure, whenever you are traveling or exploring an island, the music will be peaceful with birds chirping in the background, which gives you the full vibe of a cozy game but as soon as you encounter an enemy, the music changes to something Gothic.

Verdict – Score 8/10

Soulkeeper Diaries is a cozy souls-like game that players can enjoy no matter what. The adventure is filled with various encounters, Balloon fights, bosses, and quests which do sound dangerous but nothing too harsh compared to any other soul-like game.

Soulkeeper Diaries is now available on PC.

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