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Starfield: Defensive Measures – Walkthrough



Starfield: Defensive Measures

There are a lot of NPCs in every civilized colony that you will visit in Starfield. You can try and talk to every NPC in the game and most of them will start a Side Quest for you. Completing Side Quests can earn you great rewards that will help you in your main journey and one of the quests that you can do in the early hours of the game is Defensive Measures in the Akila City location.

This guide will assist you with the Defensive Measures side quest in Starfield

Defensive Measures Side Quest Walkthrough

The Defensive Measures will be unlocked once you have traveled to Akila City in the Cheyenne System. After reaching Akila City, you will get to listen to Davis Wilson’s argument which will unlock the Defensive Measures side quest. You can open the Missions menu and select the quest to track the quest and its objectives.

Talk to Davis Wilson

Track the objective to highlight Davis Wilson’s location on the screen. Follow the marker to find Davis Wilson and talk to him. The dialogue options do not matter much in this situation so you will be free to choose any dialogue.

Talk to Keoni Alpin

After talking to Davis Wilson, talk to Keoni Alpin. She will be near the location of Davis Wilson. Talk to Keoni and ask her about the disagreement with Davis Wilson. Listen to her point of view and after talking to her, she will give you the Sensors that you need to place to see if her theory is correct.

Place Keoni’s Sensors

Keoni will give you 4 sensors at the end of the conversation and 4 locations will be highlighted on the screen. Go to each location one by one and place Keoni’s Sensors at the location. Press the A button while looking at the marker to place the sensor.

Talk to Keoni Alpin

After placing all of Keoni’s Sensors, it is time to go back to Keoni and talk to her. She will ask you to distract the guard so that she can access the terminal in the tower to get the data.

Get the Guard to leave the tower

Go to the guard in the tower and there are 3 different methods that you can perform to make the guard leave the tower.

  • Persuade the guard to leave.
  • Bribe the guard to leave.
  • Steal something in front of the guard to make him chase you.

You can easily persuade the guard as it only requires 4 points. Select the Persuade option and tell him that everything’s fine to persuade him successfully. You can also pay 1,000 Credits to the guard to make him leave the tower. Alternatively, you can steal something in front of him and you need to get far from the tower. After that, you can stop to get caught and then pay the fine.

Talk to Keoni Alpin

Once the guard has been moved from the tower, locate Keoni and talk to her to conclude the quest.


Completing the Defensive Measures side quest will reward you with 100 EXP and 5000 Credits.

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