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Starfield: How to Register Ships



Starfield: Register Ship

All the players will start with 1 ship but as players explore more of the solar systems and planets, they can find themselves new ships either by stealing from the enemies or as a reward for completing the side quests. Whatever the case, it is crucial to register the ship as the game will restrict you from modifying or selling the ship until it is registered.

Looking to know how you can register the ships, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in how you can register ships in Starfield.

How to Register Ships in Starfield

To register your new claimed or stolen ship, you will have to land at a civilized colony. There are several locations to which you can go and a couple of early spots in the game are New Atlantis and Akila City. Go to any one of the places and talk to the Ship Technician NPC. You can find the Ship Technician NPC in the Ship Services area right next to the dock in New Atlantis.

Talk to the NPC and select the “I’d like to view and modify my ships” option to open the Ship Menu. All of your ships can be seen in the Ship Menu and you can change the ships by pressing the LB and RB buttons. If you view the new ship that you claimed, you will get the option to register it for a fee. Press the A Button to register the ship and after registering the ship, you will be able to modify/upgrade the ship or you can sell it for a profit.

As ships in general are expensive, it is better to steal the ships and register them to sell them for a decent profit as it can help you earn Credits quickly.

That is all related to how to register Ships in Starfield.

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