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Starfield: How to Steal Ships



Starfield: Steal Ships

You will be given your starting Vessel early in the game to go into space and jump to other Solar Systems out there to explore other planets. As you jump through different solar systems or land on planets with enemies’ settlements, you might find yourself a new ship. However, the ships cannot be piloted and modified just as it is as there are different systems behind them that you need to learn.

Want to know how to steal ships in Starfield, then you are at the right place. We’ll tell you how you can steal ships in Starfield.

How to Steal Ships in Starfield

There are various classes of Vessels that you will be able to find as you land on different planets and locate the enemy’s settlements or you can encounter one while in a planet’s orbit. As all Spacer enemies have their ships, instead of destroying their ships, you can take out their ship’s engine to disable their ship and keep it in a Standstill position. However, taking out their engines is not as simple as it sounds because you have to lock on to the Engines and shoot them to disable the ship.

Targeting Control System Skill

To lock on to the engines of an enemy ship, you must unlock the Targeting Control System Skill from the Tech Skill Tree. The Targeting Control System allows you to lock on to different modules of the enemy’s ship swiftly and it makes it harder for the enemy ships to lock on to your ship as you upgrade the rank of Targeting Control System Skill. Once you have the skill, you need to change the lock target to the engine and use your ship’s weapons to deplete the health bars of the enemy’s engines.

Once the engine’s HP has been depleted, the enemy’s ship will be disabled and you will be able to dock onto the enemy’s ship. Get in 500m with the enemy’s ship to dock to the enemy’s ship and use the hatch inside your ship to board the enemy’s ship. Take out the enemies on the ship and go to the Cockpit of the ship to find the Pilot Seat. You need to interact with the Pilot Seat to take control of the ship. 

Piloting Skill

As mentioned earlier, there are different classes of ships in Starfield. If the ship is of Class A, then you will have no problem taking control of the ship. However, if you board the ship of Class B or Class C, you will not be able to take control of the ship unless you have the Piloting Skill. The Piloting Skill can be unlocked from the Tech Skill Tree and you need to unlock the Rank 3 and 4 of the Piloting Skill to unlock the ability to pilot Class B and Class C Ships.

After you unlock the ability to pilot high-tier ships, you will be able to steal Class B and Class C ships by simply taking control of the ship. Stealing the ships from the settlements will only save you time from disabling the engines of the ship. You will still need the high rank of Piloting Skill to steal a high-tier ship from the settlement. Once you have stolen the ship, you will be able to modify/upgrade it or sell it after registering it so, you must register the stolen ship first before upgrading it or selling it.

That is all related to how to Steal Ships in Starfield.

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