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Fae Farm: How to Catch Fish



Fae Farm: Catch Fish

Fishing is one of the main activities in Fae Farm that will earn players various kinds of fish that can be used in cooking to make delicious and healthy food recipes or can be sold to earn money. Whatever the case, players will have to do fishing at various points of the game as several main quests of the game will require players to catch fish.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to catch fish in Fae Farm.

How to Catch Fish in Fae Farm

To start with catching fish, the essential item that players will require is the Fishing Rod. Without the Fishing Rod equipment, players will not be able to catch a single fish. As the Starter Tools don’t include any of the Equipment for other activities, the players must get themselves a Fishing Rod first. Once players have got their hands on the Fishing Rod, they will be able to catch the fish. To catch the fish, follow the following steps.

  • Find a Fishing Spot.
  • The fishing spot will have a number of fish swimming in it and can be seen clearly. Upon reaching the fishing spot, equip the Fishing Rod by pressing the LB/RB Buttons and cast the line near the fish by holding and releasing the X Button.
  • Once you have cast the line, you need to wait for the fish to bite the lure. You can press the X Button to jiggle the lure from time to time to attract nearby fish.
  • Once the fish have bitten the lure, you need to reel in the fish by holding the X Button. However, you need to be focused on the tension of the Casting Line. If you reel in fast, the cast line will glow red which means it is close to breaking. When that happens, you need to let go of the X Button to relax the casting line and then reel in the fish again.
  • You need to reel in the fish by reeling and relaxing the casting line. Once the fish has been reeled in all the way, your character will catch the fish.

Fishing in Fae Farm is not difficult as there is only 1 major mechanic, casting line tension that players need to learn. Once players have learned when to reel and when to relax the line, they will be able to catch fish swiftly.

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