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Starfield: How to Upgrade Your Ship



Starfield: How to Upgrade Your Ship

Ship battles are a common aspect of Starfield, as you will frequently find yourself engaged in them while navigating through various solar systems in the game. Spacer Enemies’ ships patrol the orbits, ready to engage with anyone attempting to land on the planets within the solar system. Ship battles can be challenging due to the various systems you need to control during encounters, but the task becomes significantly easier if you upgrade your ship.

If you’re looking to learn how to upgrade your ship in Starfield, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will provide you with detailed instructions on upgrading your ship in Starfield.

How to Upgrade Your Ship in Starfield

To upgrade your ship, you need to speak with the Ship Services Technician NPC, who can be found at the Dock on Jemison Planet. From the moment you land on Jemison to meet with the members of Constellation, you’ll have the freedom to customize your ship. Approach the Space Technician and select the “I’d like to view and modify my ship” dialogue option. This action will open the Ship menu, allowing you to choose between the ships you own and modify them by pressing the LB and RB buttons.

Now, to upgrade your ship, press the A Button to access the Upgrade Ship screen, where you can easily enhance different modules of your ship. Upgrading your ship is straightforward, as the system automatically places the modules where they should be based on your ship’s configuration. The modules you can upgrade on your ship include:

  • Hull: Enhance the overall health of your ship.
  • Reactors: Increase the maximum power generated by your ship, which you can allocate to various ship modules.
  • Weapons: Your ship has three different types of weapons: Lasers, Ballistics, and Missiles. You can upgrade their power and damage individually by upgrading each weapon type.
  • Shields: Upgrade your ship’s shield for improved defense.
  • Engines: Boost your ship’s speed.
  • Grav Drives: Increase your Grav Jumps, allowing you to move from one solar system to another more efficiently.
Starfield: How to Upgrade Your Ship

All of the available upgrades can be found in the Upgrade Screen Menu. Simply select the upgrades for your ship’s modules, and the total expenses will be calculated, which you will need to pay once you’ve selected all the desired upgrades for your ship.

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