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Starfield: How to Upgrade Your Weapons



Starfield: How to Upgrade Your Weapons

During your playthrough, you will come across various kinds of weapons, either by looting enemies you have killed or from the armory in a settlement. Regardless of the source, your starting weapons will be fairly basic, lacking any decent attachments or upgrades. However, if you defeat enemies that are of a higher level than you, you can acquire Rare, Epic, and even Legendary weapons that come with certain upgrades. In addition to finding weapons with these upgrades, you can also upgrade your weapons yourself.

If you’re looking to learn how to upgrade your weapons in Starfield, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will provide you with precise instructions on upgrading your weapons in Starfield.

How to Upgrade Your Weapons in Starfield

To upgrade your weapons in Starfield, you will need to locate a Weapon Workbench. The Weapon Workbench is specifically designed for upgrading weapons, while there are several other workbenches that can help you upgrade your other spacesuit gear items and outposts. There are various locations where you can find the Weapon Workbench in Starfield, but the easiest one to locate is under the Lodge on New Atlantis.

How to Upgrade Your Weapons in Starfield

Once you have completed the game’s tutorial, you will arrive at the lodge and meet with the members of Constellation. After meeting them at the lodge, exit through the first door and turn left. Open the door on the right and proceed to the basement, where you will find several workbenches. The weapon workbench will be on the right side as you descend the stairs. In addition to accessing the Weapon Workbench at the Lodge, you can also find them on enemy ships and settlements that you visit during your missions.

Interact with the Weapon Workbench, and you will see all the weapons in your inventory. Select the weapon you want to upgrade, and it will display all the possible attachments and upgrades that you can apply to the weapon. Choose the attachment or upgrade and press the A Button to install it on your weapon. Each attachment or upgrade will require a certain number of resources, so you must have the necessary resources to install the attachment or upgrade and enhance the weapon’s stats.

Furthermore, some weapon attachments will require specific MOD recipes, such as Barrel Mod or Optic and Laser Mod. Having all the required resources won’t be enough; you must also possess the Mod recipe to install the attachment or upgrade your weapon. You can craft the Mod Recipes at the Research Laboratory workbench, which can be found in the middle of the same room beneath the Lodge or on the Frontier/Ship.

How to Upgrade Your Weapons in Starfield

You will also need resources for the Mod recipes, so make sure to mine minerals from different planets you visit during your playthrough. Alternatively, you can find resources from vendors. If you have credits to spare, feel free to purchase the resources you need for your weapon upgrades.

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