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Rune Factory 3 Special: Farming Guide



Rune Factory 3 Special - Farming

Farming is one of the key aspects of Rune Factory 3 Special through which you will get to grow crops and flowers on your own which will help you in cooking and making medicines. Players will be introduced to farming early in the game by Shara and players must complete the farming tutorial to progress ahead in the game.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to do farming in Rune Factory 3 Special.

How to Do Farming in Rune Factory 3 Special

To partake in various activities in Rune Factor 3 Special, you will need a specific tool and it is the same for farming. Players will have to get the Hoe and Watering Pot tool to get started with farming. The very first Hoe and Watering Pot that players will get is the Cheap Hoe and Cheap Watering Pot given by Shara during the farming lessons from Shara. Once you have got the Cheap Hoe and Cheap Watering Pot, you will be able to do farming by the following steps.

  • Clear the squares from weeds or sticks before tilling the field. Go close to items on the field, press the A Button to pick them up, and press the X or Y button to store them in your inventory.
  • Press the L Button to open the inventory and then use the Left Stick to find the Cheap Hoe and then press the B Button to equip the Cheap Hoe.
  • Now, go to the cleared squares on the field with Hoe equipped and press the B button to start tilling the field.
  • After tilling the field, equip the seeds from your inventory by following the same steps as equipping the Hoe.
  • Face toward the tilled squares on the field and press the B Button to plant the seeds.
  • Now, you have to water the seeds using the Cheap Watering Pot. Make sure that your Watering Pot is filled with water. If you haven’t filled it with water, find any water source near the fields and press the B Button near the source to fill the Watering Pot with water. To water the seeds, equip the Watering Pot, and press B to water them.
  • The crops take a couple of days before they grow up and you will have to water them daily so, that the crops don’t get dry.

Once you have completed the farming process, the only thing left to do is to wait and harvest the crops. After the crops have been fully matured and grown, press the A Button to harvest them and press the X or Y Button to store them in your inventory.

Later, you can use the harvested crops in your cooking recipes or sell them at the Shipping Bin to make money.

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