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Starfield: How to Research Recipes for Items and Mods



Starfield: How to Research Recipes for Items and Mods

The crafting of items and mods in Starfield relies on researching recipes at the research laboratory. You will not be able to craft new items in the game until you research new recipes for certain purposes. The items and mods that are crafted at different workbenches will require certain recipes that you must first research.

Where to Research Recipes in Starfield

To research the recipes for items and mods for different workbenches, you will have to use the research laboratory. The research laboratory can be found in various places and one of the earliest and easiest places to find it is in your crew cabin on the Frontier/Ship. You can also find the research laboratory beneath the Lodge at the New Atlantis location.

How to Research Recipes for Items and Mods

Once you have found the research laboratory, interact with it to find 5 different categories for which you can research items and mods:

  • Pharmacology: Research new recipes for healing items.
  • Food and Drink: Research new recipes for food and drink items that heal characters and provide other bonuses.
  • Outpost Development: Research new recipes for the betterment of your personal outpost.
  • Equipment: Research mods for the upgrade of your spacesuit gear.
  • Weaponry: Research mods for the upgrade of your weapons.

Each category holds a certain type of research project that you can start by selecting the item and providing the required resources needed for the item. After providing all the required resources for the research project of an item/mod, you will obtain the recipe that will be available for you to craft at the respective workbench. For instance, if you research the Barrel MODS I, you will be able to craft and upgrade it to your weapon at the weapon workbench.

Researching Recipes

How to Research Recipes for Items and Mods

You need to research recipes from time to time to unlock new items and mods. Apart from research, you also need to unlock research projects for higher-tier items and mods. You can do that by unlocking the respective skills under the Science tab. Additionally, if you unlock the Research Methods skill, it will allow you to complete research projects with a lower cost of resources.

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