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Starfield: How to Upgrade Your Spacesuit Gear



Starfield: How to Upgrade Your Spacesuit Gear

The spacesuit in Starfield is your armor set, just like in other RPGs. Finding a better spacesuit gear will help you negate a certain type of damage and use a certain type of thruster, which helps you boost. Throughout your gameplay, you will get to loot spacesuit gear from enemies’ bodies, as well as find one at an enemy settlement. However, if you want to make your character tanky enough to survive in difficult battles, it is better to upgrade your spacesuit gear to a specific negation bonus to increase the potential of damage negation for a certain type of damage.

How to Upgrade Your Spacesuit Gear in Starfield

The spacesuit gear is divided into three different gear pieces: spacesuit, helmet, and pack. The spacesuit and helmet provide a certain damage negation bonus, while the pack provides a certain type of thruster usage. To upgrade your spacesuit gear in Starfield, you will need to find a spacesuit workbench. Spacesuit workbenches are specifically for upgrading spacesuit gear pieces, and there are several other workbenches that you can find that will allow you to upgrade your weapons, outposts, and so on.

Now, there are various places where you can find a spacesuit workbench in Starfield, but the easiest one to find is under the Lodge on New Atlantis. Upon locating the spacesuit workbench, interact with it to see your equipped spacesuit gear pieces and looted spacesuit gear pieces. You can upgrade any of the spacesuit gear pieces you want at the spacesuit workbench.

Each spacesuit gear piece uses its own specific mod for upgrading. For instance, if you are upgrading the spacesuit, you will need to have the spacesuit mod recipe for it. The mod recipe will allow you to upgrade the spacesuit by applying a damage negation bonus of your choice to the spacesuit and helmet. You need to select the mod and then select the bonus for your spacesuit gear piece and press the A button to install it to upgrade the stats of your spacesuit. Each upgrade will require a certain number of resources, so make sure that you have the resources for the upgrade.

How to Upgrade Your Spacesuit Gear in Starfield

The mod recipes are obtained from the research laboratory by crafting them, and each mod recipe also requires resources. So, before you get to upgrade your spacesuit to your preference, you must first craft the mod recipes. At the early stage, you will get to upgrade your spacesuit with MOD I recipes, but if you unlock the Spacesuit Design skill from the Science type, you will be able to upgrade your spacesuit with a higher MODS level.

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