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Starfield: How to Equip and Throw Grenades



Starfield: How to Equip and Throw Grenades

Combat is one of the key aspects of Starfield that you will experience from the very start of the game and throughout your journey. There are several ways you can tackle an encounter in Starfield, such as stealth, weapons, or hand-to-hand combat. However, one of the combat mechanics that many players will overlook is the use of grenades. Grenades can have a huge impact on an encounter, as they can take out multiple enemies if thrown correctly.

How to Equip and Throw Grenades in Starfield

As you take out enemies and loot their bodies, you will find various weapons, spacesuit gear pieces, ammo, and more. You may also occasionally find grenades. Most players will not even bother using grenades, especially in difficult scenarios where enemies are at higher levels. However, in these scenarios, grenades can be a great help.

To equip a grenade, the best way is to put it in one of your quick inventory slots by assigning it as a favorite. Open your inventory and select the Throwables tab to find the grenades. Select a grenade and press the Y button to assign it as a favorite. You can then place it in any of the quick inventory slots. Once you have done this, the total number of grenades you have in your inventory will start showing beneath the weapon ammo on the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to Equip and Throw Grenades in Starfield

To use/throw the grenades, simply press the *RB* button on the controller and the G button on the keyboard. If you are dealing with several enemies grouped in the same position, simply look toward them and throw the grenades to take them out. Grenades are also very useful against robots, so keep that in mind when you encounter one in an enemy settlement.

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