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Starfield: Leader of the Pack – Walkthrough



Starfield: Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack is the last side quest for Davis Wilson and Keoni Alpin in Akila City. Once you have completed the Defensive Measures and False Positives quests for Davis and Keoni, you will get the Leader of the Pack side quest.

This guide will assist you with the Leader of the Pack side quest in Starfield.

Leader of the Pack Side Quest Walkthrough

To start the quest, you will have to wait 24 hours (UT) to talk to Keoni Alpin. Find a chair or a bed in Akila City and interact with it to select the Wait option and set the timer to 24 hours. Once the waiting has been done, you can find Keoni and talk to her to get on with the quest.

Check in with Keoni Alpin

After waiting for 24 hours, talk to Keoni and she will tell you to talk to Davis for her.

Talk to Davis Wilson

Follow the marker to find Davis and talk to him. Go through the dialogues and agree to Davis to go out with him to hunt the Ashta.

Follow Davis Wilson

After agreeing to Davis, you will have to follow Davis to the outside of Akila City’s walls. Keep walking behind him until a giant Ashta encounters you.

Defeat the Ashta

Ashta is not a strong enemy so you will be able to kill it with your ordinary weapon easily. If you want to make it quick, just throw a grenade at Ashta to eliminate it. Make sure, that Ashta does not hurt Davis Wilson and that he survives the encounter.

Talk to Davis Wilson

After defeating Ashta, talk to Davis and he will appreciate your help.

Talk to Keoni Alpin

Now, go back to Akila City either by walking back or fast traveling. Find and talk to Keoni Alpin and tell her that her data was correct and you defeated a unique kind of Ashta. Go through the dialogues and the quest will be concluded.


Completing the Leader of the Pack quest will give you the following rewards.

  • 100 EXP
  • 5500 Credits
  • 9x39MM Ammo (34)
  • Despondent Assassin (Legendary Sniper Rifle)

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