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Starfield: How to Do Grav Jump



Starfield: Grav Jump

Starfield offers an immersive world with hundreds of planets to explore. The planets are located in different Solar Systems that players will have to reach by doing Grav Jump. Grav Jump is a unique system in Starfield that allows your ship to travel through space and time to reach a new Solar System and allow players to explore the planets in that solar system.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do Grav Jump in Starfield.

How to Do Grav Jump in Starfield

The Grav Jump is one of the Ship mechanics that players will get to learn pretty early in the game. However, learning how to fly the ship properly can be confusing at the beginning but as players fly through different solar systems, they will get familiar with the controls easily. One of the main aspects of flying the ship is to do the Grav Jump so that players can reach other planets that are in their respective solar systems.

To do the Grav Jump, players need to set a course to another planet in a different Solar System from the Star Map. Open the Starmap, zoom out to select another Solar System, and press the X Button to set the course for the planet. After that, close the map and come to the main screen of the game. Turn down the power for other components of the ship and power up the GRV component which is the Grav Jump component. Once the GRV is at the required power, it will initiate the Grav Jump.

However, there is another easy way to do the Grav Jump. After setting up the course to another Solar System, you will get the option to Jump. Press and Hold the X Button to automatically initiate the Grav Jump without manually setting up the powers for components of the ship.

The Grav Jump is a part of In-Space Fast Travel in Starfield which will allow you to visit other planets in a short period of time.

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