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Starfield: How to Get Legendary Mantis Gear and Ship Early



Starfield: Mantis Legendary Gear and Ship

Starfield World is filled with merciless creatures and enemies that players will get to encounter as they explore the galaxy and progress in the game. Throughout the progression, the enemy levels will increase which will make them tougher to take down. Having good gear, weapons, and ship will help you deal with merciless enemies and one of the best ways to get your character a buff is by getting your hands on the Legendary Mantis Suit and Helmet and his Legendary Ship called Razorleaf.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get legendary Mantis gear and Ship Early in Starfield.

How to Get to Lair of the Mantis

The Legendary Gear and Ship belong to a shadow assassin himself named Mantis and the only way to get these legendary upgrades to your character is by reaching the Lair of the Mantis. To get to the Lair of the Mantis, players will first have to find its Secret Outpost location. To do so, players need to kill the Spacers and loot them to find a slate called “Secret Outpost”. We found ours while doing the Old Neighborhood, a main mission of the game.

After getting the Secret Outpost, it will unlock a side quest called “Mantis”. You can track it by going into the Missions section in the pause menu. Track the location of the Secret Outpost and it will take you to a planet called “Denebola I-b” which is in another Solar System. Use the Grav jump to reach the Denebola I-b planet. Scan the planet to find the Secret Outpost location and then land your ship at the location.

After landing at the Secret Outpost, kill the enemies and loot them to find another slate called “Leon Voclain – Sic Semper Tyrannis”. This slate might be on the enemies that are inside the bunker so, when you enter the bunker, kill them and loot them to find the slate. Once you have found the slate, go ahead through the steep hallways to meet with an NPC named “Livvey”. He will warn you about the trap ahead which is the Mantis Floor Puzzle. You need to complete the puzzle with the help of Slate you found recently on a Spacer enemy.

Solving the Mantis Floor Puzzle will get you across from where you can reach the Lair of the Mantis. Be aware because you will get to fight more enemies and robots before you get to the final room.

How to Get Legendary Mantis Gear

After clearing out all of the enemies and robots in the area, two waypoints will be marked on the screen which will take you to both Legendary Mantis Gear and Legendary Mantis Ship. Simply follow the waypoints to reach a room where you will see a Mannequin wearing the Mantis Gear. Open the closet door and interact with the Mannequin to get the following.

  • Mantis Pack
  • Mantis Space Helmet
  • Mantis Space Suit

NOTE: The bonuses on Mantis Gear will be different for everybody. Some of the Players will get Incendiary Bonuses whereas others will get Armor-Plated or Repulsing Bonuses.

How to Get Legendary Mantis Ship

Once you have acclaimed the Legendary Mantis Gear, head to the second waypoint which will lead you to Starship Lift Controls. Interact with the terminal and it will unlock the Mantis Razorleaf for you. The ship will go up to the surface so, the only thing remaining for you is to leave the bunker and go to the docking area of Razorleaf to access the ship.

The Razorleaf ship is bigger and stronger than the Frontier, your first ship and it has its own Arsenal area where you can store weapons and gear. Other than that, the ship has a Cargo Shield which will save you from being scanned if you are holding any kind of illegal item in the Ship’s Storage.

Once you have boarded your new ship, there is nothing left for you to do at Denebola I-b, take off in your new Legendary Ship with new Legendary Gear.

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