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Starfield: How to Use Boost Pack



Starfield: Use Boost Pack

Boost Pack is one of the gear pieces of your Spacesuit gear in Starfield and it is mainly used to use thrusters to give you an extra boost up in the air to reach higher platforms or maneuver enemies during combat. However, there is another system attached to using the Boost Pack which a lot of players might not know about and prevent them from using the Boost Pack at all.

Want to know how to use the Boost Pack in Starfield, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in how to use the Boost Pack in Starfield.

How to Use Boost Pack in Starfield

You will get your very first Boost Pack from the members of the Constellation by completing the One Small Step quest that you can equip on your character from the inventory. However, if you are having trouble using the Boost Pack, it is because you have not unlocked the associated skill for it. Yes, you need the skill to utilize the Boost Pack as well in Starfield. The skill you need to unlock to use the Boost Pack is the Boost Pack Training which can be found in the Tech Skill Tree.

You will need 1 Skill Point to unlock the Boost Pack Training and once you have unlocked the Skill, you will be able to utilize your Boost Pack by simply pressing the jump button twice. Pressing the jump button for the first time will let your character do a normal jump and by pressing the jump button for the second time while your character is in mid-air, it will allow your character to use the Boost Pack to go further up.

Using the Boost Pack will consume fuel whose capacity is indicated above your character’s HP on the bottom right of the screen. Each boost will consume a certain amount of fuel and the fuel will regenerate once you have stopped using the boost pack. You can also the usage of your Boost Pack by upgrading the Rank of Boost Pack Training skill. Complete the challenge for the next rank to open and then use another Skill point to upgrade the rank of the skill. You can get the following bonuses for upgrading the ranks of the Boost Pack Training skill.

  • Rank 1: You can now utilize boost packs.
  • Rank 2: Using a boost pack expends less fuel.
  • Rank 3: Boost pack fuel regenerates more quickly.
  • Rank 4: Doubles previous bonuses.

If you want to utilize your Boost Pack more efficiently, make sure to complete the challenges and upgrade the rank of the skill.

That is all related to how to use Boost Pack in Starfield.

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