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Starfield: How to Increase the Carrying Capacity



Starfield: Increase Carrying Capacity

Looting is one of the key aspects of Starfield as it is the only way you can gather items, weapons, Spacesuit Gear, Valuables, and much more. However, your character in Starfield has a limited Carrying Capacity which is implied as the “Mass” term in the game. You can check your character’s Mass by simply opening the menu and it will highlight the total weight you are carrying of your Carrying Capacity.

The Carrying Capacity can become an issue early in the game as your character will run low on oxygen by carrying more weight than the limit. By having low oxygen, you can face joint pain and depletion of your HP as the Oxygen runs out.

Fortunately, there are different ways through which you can increase your Carrying Capacity in Starfield and this guide will assist you in how you can increase the Carrying Capacity of your character in Starfield.

How to Increase the Carrying Capacity in Starfield

The general and best method to increase the Carrying Capacity of your character in Starfield is by unlocking the Weight Lifting Skill from the Physical Skill Tree. You can unlock this skill for 1 Skill Point and it will grant your character the ability to carry the weight up to 10 kilograms. Additionally, you can complete the challenges of this skill to unlock the new ranks for this skill. There are 4 ranks in total and by completing a challenge for each rank, you will be able to upgrade the Rank of Weight Lifting Skill by spending another Skill Point. By upgrading to Rank 4 of Weight Lifting, your character will be able to carry 100 Kilograms.

The players who have picked the Homesteader or Long Hauler Background will already have access to Rank 1 of Weight Lifting and they will have an edge for carrying more loot from the beginning of the game.

Another method that you can use to increase the Carrying Capacity for your character is by adding the Extra Capacity Mod to the Boost Pack. However, it is a mid-game method as it will require you to Research Pack MODS II which then can be installed on Pack. You will be able to install the Pack by using the Spacesuit Workbench where you originally upgraded your Spacesuit.

Apart from the methods, you can always split your loot with your crew members. Simply talk to members and select the Trade option to give them the loot and you can take it back from them later. Additionally, you can also store items in your ship’s storage so, don’t forget to do that as well.

That is all related to how to increase the Carrying Capacity in Starfield.

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