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Starfield: How to Store Items in Ship’s Storage



Starfield: Ship Storage

Managing Items is one of the crucial aspects of the game that all players will have to face as Storage is one of the problems that players will have to manage throughout their gameplay. There is almost everything that players can loot and store in their inventory but everything has a certain weight which is implied as Mass in Starfield. A character can hold up to a certain Mass Limit and if the total Mass of the items goes beyond the Mass Limit, the character will start losing oxygen rapidly. There are several ways to minimize this issue but one of the easiest is by storing the items in the Ship’s Storage.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to store items in the ship’s storage in Starfield.

How to Store Items in Ship’s Storage

The Frontier/Ship can hold over 1000 Mass of items in it but the players might not know it because the game does not tell you how to store the items in your ship. The items that are stored in the ship are inside the Cargo Hold but if you try to find the Cargo Hold on your ship, you might not find it because there isn’t any and it will confuse a lot of players. However, it can be done with a simple few steps. Follow the following steps to store/open your Frontier/Ship’s storage in Starfield.

  • Enter your Frontier/Ship.
  • Open the Inventory from the menu of the game. Right Corner in the pause menu to access the inventory.
  • Press the LB Button to switch to Cargo Hold. It will show you the current items that your ship has.
  • Now, press the LB Button again to go into your inventory and when you select any tab in your inventory, you will get the option to Store item to Cargo Hold.
  • Press the A Button to store items in Cargo Hold.

Storing the items in the Cargo Hold will allow players to decrease their Mass which will allow them to run and jump without running low on Oxygen. This method will save you several times throughout your gameplay as it can be done anytime when you are inside your ship.

Players can also sell items stored in the ship’s storage by interacting with a vendor without taking the items with them which is also very helpful.

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