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Starfield: How to Sell Items



Starfield: Sell Items

Starfield offers an immense world filled with hundreds of planets for exploration. As players progress through the game and get access to their ship, they will be able to explore planets and gather various resources, items, weapons, spacesuits, and much more. There is almost everything in the game that players can pick up by simply looking at it. There are various valuables in the game that players will get to find via the main missions as well as the side missions. It is best to sell the valuables to make money.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to sell items in Starfield.

How to Sell Items in Starfield

To sell the items from your inventory or your Ship’s Storage, you need to visit a vendor and press the LB Button to switch to the Sell Tab. After that, simply select the items from respective individual tabs or from the All tab to sell the unwanted items or valuables. Pressing the LB Button one more time will allow players to sell the items from the Ship’s Storage. So, if players have any item stored on their ship, they can sell it without carrying it with them.

Selling items is easy but the main issue that players will get to face is where they need to sell the items because the planets that they visit are too big and it can be hard to find a vendor. Fortunately, there are several vendors in the world of Starfield that players can visit to either buy/sell items to them. The earliest civilized colony that players will get to visit is New Atlantis and there are several vendors located in different areas inside New Atlantis.

You can visit the Well via a back elevator just to the left of the Ship Dock. There are various vendors inside the Well and they can give you a decent price for your items. You can even sell Contraband to the Trade Authority inside the Well. You can visit the Commercial District and Resident District via Tramp in New Atlantis to find several vendors inside those areas.

Simply visit any vendor and interact with them to sell the unnecessary items in your inventory. One of the easiest ways to sell items is to interact with the Trade Authority Kiosks. These are the Yellowish-Green Machines that are located on larger planets like New Atlantis, Akila, and Neon. These machines are located near the Dock area and you can interact with them to sell items.

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