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Sunkenland: How to Mark Your Base or Other Locations



Sunkenland: Mark Base

Sunkenland offers several islands and outposts scattered over the Sunken Land for players to explore. It is crucial for survivors to leave their starting island and look for resources on other islands as well as from the ocean. Exploring and discovering other locations might reveal a spot that would be beneficial for the players to either gather resources or food. As these locations can be found randomly, it is best to mark them on the map so that you won’t forget in which direction you located them. Marking your base is also useful because you will not have to worry about which direction is your base.

Want to know how to mark your base or other locations in Sunkenland, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in how you can mark locations on the map in Sunkenland.

How to Mark Your Base in Sunkenland

Exploring the Sunken World can make you a lost survivor easily by venturing into the open ocean and creating some difficulties in getting back to your base. However, you can change that by simply placing a Marker Flag in your base or around your base to mark the pinpoint location on the map as well as on your screen. To do so, you need the following resources to craft the Marker Flag.

Once you have the required resources, press the B Button to open the Build Menu and select the Furniture Tab to find the Marker Flag. Select the Craft option on the Marker Flag to craft it and then place it somewhere inside your base or around your base to mark the location of your base.

After placing down the marker Flag, you can interact with it to change the color of the flag as well. You can select a specific color for your base to identify easily.

How to Mark Other Locations

To mark other locations on the map, you need to do the same procedure. Keep the required resources in your backpack all the time and when you discover a location that might be useful to you in any way, mark it by pacing down the flag. Change the color of the flag to differentiate from your base to identify the locations easily.

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