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Sunkenland: How to Get Clean Water



Sunkenland: How to Get Clean Water

Surviving in the Sunken World can be difficult, as food becomes a top priority after spending a couple of days on the starting island in Sunkenland. Players will start with a limited supply of food, which can only last for 2 days at most. However, getting food is relatively easier than getting water, as you can catch fish and crabs to cook on a Simple Grill to fill your hunger, but getting clean water is trickier.

Want to know how to get Clean Water to prolong your survival experience in Sunkenland? Then you’re in the right place. This guide will assist you in getting Clean Water in Sunkenland.

How to Get Clean Water in Sunkenland

All players will start with a couple of sodas that they can find on the starting island. However, the supply of water will run out quickly, as you get thirsty quite quickly. To get Clean Water in Sunkenland, you will need to make yourself a Purifier, which converts seawater into fresh water. As you cannot directly drink seawater, you will need to purify it to make it drinkable.

There are various purifiers that you will get to unlock in Sunkenland as you make progress in the game, but for the starting purifier, you can make the Simple Purifier.

How to Craft the Simple Purifier in Sunkenland

The Simple Purifier is the easiest purifier to craft, as you will not require any recipe for it. The recipe for the Simple Purifier is in the Cooking Tab of the Build Menu, which you can craft simply by gathering the required resources. To craft the Simple Purifier, you need the following resources:

  • 10x Wood Planks
  • 10x Scrap Metal
  • 3x Components

Once you have all of the required resources, press the B button to go into the Build Menu and select the Cooking Tab to find the recipe for the Simple Purifier. Select the Craft option to craft the Simple Purifier and place it on a wooden/metal foundation.

How to Craft the Simple Purifier in Sunkenland

How to Add Seawater and Get Fresh Water from a Purifier

Once you have placed down the Purifier, you need to add the Seawater to it via a Seawater Bucket. You can make the Seawater Bucket from the Tools Tab in the Build Menu. It will only cost 5x Scrap Metal to craft the bucket, and it will be stored in your Backpack.

Equip the bucket from your inventory and then go to the coastline of the island and press F to fill the bucket with Seawater.

Now, come back to the Purifier and press the F button to add the Seawater to the tanker. You can add up to 5 buckets filled with Seawater to the purifier.

To purify the water, you will need to add wood so the purifier can boil the water to convert it into fresh water. Add wood to the purifier by pressing the C button. A maximum of 10 Wood Planks can be placed in the purifier.

How to Add Seawater and Get Fresh Water from a Purifier

Once the purifier is activated, wait for a few moments until the freshwater comes out from the left side of the purifier. You can press the F key to drink water directly from the purifier, or you can press C to take the fresh water in a Glass Bottle and drink water from it whenever needed while you are exploring the Sunken World.

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