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Sunkenland: How to Increase Stamina



Sunkenland: How to Increase Stamina

Stamina is one of the crucial aspects of survival games, and it is no exception in Sunkenland. Every task that players perform consumes a certain amount of stamina from its bar, and it will slow down the players when the stamina is completely depleted until it regenerates. However, over the course of the day, the stamina limit will gradually decrease, and players will be left with whatever amount of limit remains, which can be tiresome for survivors.

Want to know how to increase stamina in Sunkenland? Then you are in the right place. This guide will assist you in how you can increase stamina while you explore Sunkenland.

How to Increase Stamina in Sunkenland

There are multiple ways through which you can increase your depleted stamina in Sunkenland:

  • Eating food and drinking water
  • Using Stamina Herbal Mix
  • Sleeping at night

The usual way to increase stamina is by consuming food and water in Sunkenland. You can eat canned food or drink sodas to gradually increase the limit of your stamina, which will allow you to expand your exploration for more time. However, another method to increase stamina without consuming food is by using the Stamina Herbal Mix. The Stamina Herbal Mix temporarily increases the stamina recovery speed and the limit.

You can make the Stamina Herbal Mix right from the beginning of the game from the Medical Tab in the Simple Crafting Section under the Inventory. To make the Stamina Herbal Mix, you only need 1x Mushroom and 1x Strawberry. Both of these resources can be found on Castaway Island at the start of the game. Simply gather the Mushrooms and Strawberries, and use them to craft the Stamina Herbal Mix.

Sunkenland: How to Increase Stamina

The last method to increase stamina is at the end of the day in Sunkenland. You need to sleep on your bed in your base to replenish the stamina back to full capacity. Sleeping will replenish your stamina, but your hunger level and hydration level will go down, for which you need to eat food and drink water to keep your character going.

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