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Sunkenland: How to Craft Simple Bed



Sunkenland: Simple Bed

To survive for longer in the world of Sunkenland, players must sleep every single day to keep the character’s health in a good state. However, to sleep in Sunkenland, players will have to craft a Simple Bed to begin with. As they progress in the game, they will be able to make more exquisite beds.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft a Simple Bed in Sunkenland.

How to Craft a Simple Bed in Sunkenland

The Simple Bed is one of the earlier beds in Sunkenland that players will have to craft to spend the night. Staying up all day will make the characters weak as their stamina gradually decreases throughout the day. To recover the stamina, players will have to sleep at night. To craft the Simple Bed, players will need the following resources.

Cut down the woods with the stone hatchet to gather Wood Planks and dive into the ocean to find and scavenge the Washing Machines to gather pieces of cloth. Once players have gathered all the required number of resources, go back to your base and press the B Button to open the build menu. Select the Furniture Tab and select the Build option on Simple Bed to craft it.

Place down the bed inside your base and then press the F button at night to sleep and restore Stamina.

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