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Sunkenland: How to Get Duct Tape



Sunkenland: How to Get Duct Tape

Duct tape is one of the crucial resources in Sunkenland that players will use to craft better weapons and items for their survival. Unlike natural resources, duct tape is difficult to find and is one of the rarest resources.

Want to know how to get your hands on duct tape in Sunkenland? Then you are in the right place. This guide will help you find duct tape in your survival journey in Sunkenland.

How to Get Duct Tape

To get duct tape in Sunkenland, you will have to dive deep into the ocean water to locate toolboxes. Toolboxes have a high chance of dropping a couple of duct tape along with other useful resources. However, locating the toolbox itself is a difficult task. The toolboxes are buried beneath the ocean inside the buildings or a structure, for which you will have to swim deep to find. As staying deep in the water will reduce your oxygen level quickly, you will have to hurry in your hunt. The best place to locate the toolboxes is to go to the undiscovered locations on the map. Each place will have at least one toolbox hidden around it that you can find and scavenge to get the duct tape.

Another possible drop for duct tape is the garbage bins. The garbage bins can be found around the sunken buildings and houses. Make sure to scavenge them as well, and you might get lucky.

Apart from obtaining duct tape from the toolboxes, there is a chance that your friendly trader has duct tape in stock. The outpost of the trader can be seen clearly from the starting island, and you can reach the trader by swimming as well. Interact with the trader and trade her some of your scraps or wood to get several duct tapes.

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