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Palia: How to Get Heat Root



Palia: How to Get Heat Root

The world of Palia is enriched with various resources and ingredients that players can find by exploring the Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay areas. As resources and ingredients are used in certain guilds that help players level up, one of the crucial guilds is Cooking, in which players require various ingredients. Cooking provides players with several foods that can be used to increase the Focus to increase the EXP gained from activities. However, several recipes would require spices and one of the rare spices that players can get in the game is Heat Root.

Want to know how to get Heat Root? Then you are in the right place. We will guide you on how you can get Heat Root in Palia.

How to Get Heat Root in Palia

You can get Heat Root in two different ways:

  • Buy it from the Foraging Guild Store.
  • Forage.

Buying Heat Root from the Foraging Guild Store will cost you 6 Foraging Medals each. As the Foraging Medal is a specific currency for only Ashura’s Foraging Guild Store, you would have to reach Level 10 in the Foraging Guild to earn Foraging Medals and unlock Heat Root at Ashura’s Foraging Guild Store. Once you have leveled up the Foraging Guild, go to Ashura and press the G button to view his store. Scroll down to find the Heat Root and select it to purchase it.

For the foraging method, you can gather them from the side of the cliffs. The Heat Root is a rare spice and they don’t grow in the ground. You can only find them at the side of the cliffs in Bahari Bay. Bahari Bay has several areas that have cliffs, but the most common spawn locations for Heat Root are the following:

  • Cliffs near Flooded Fortress.
  • Cliffs near Statue Garden.

You can run around the cliffs to notice the Heat Root on the cliffs in these areas. Other than these areas, you can also go to the northern areas of Bahari Bay and look for Heat Root on the cliffs. Keep in mind that you do have to climb on the cliffs to forage them, so make sure that your stamina is full before you begin the climb.

Palia: How to Get Heat Root

Where to Use Heat Root

Heat Roots are mainly used in Cooking Recipes. Food Recipes that require any type of spice or Heat Root in particular are the ones in which you can use Heat Root as an ingredient. Other than cooking, you can also sell them at the General Store or the Shipping Bin outside of your Plot area.

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