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Palia: How to Get Wild Garlic



Palia: How to Get Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic is one of the spices in Palia that is used in many cooking recipes. As cooking is one of the main guilds in Palia, players will have to prepare different food recipes to level up in the cooking guild. Most of the recipes will require wild garlic as an ingredient, for which players have to get wild garlic by different means.

Want to know how to get wild garlic in Palia? Then you are in the right place. We will tell you how you can get wild garlic in Palia.

How to Get Wild Garlic in Palia

You can get wild garlic in two different ways:

  • Buy it from the General Store
  • Forage

Buying wild garlic from the General Store will cost you 30 gold each. Zeki has a stock of wild garlic in his general store, and you can buy it from him by interacting with the cash register in the store.

For the foraging method, you can simply gather them from the ground. However, wild garlic is uncommon and they don’t grow in specific locations. The spawn locations of wild garlic are random and they can only be found during the nighttime. Wild garlic grows both in Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay map zones, and you can start your forage hunt from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. for wild garlic.

Start from the Mirror Fields area and then explore the south areas in Kilima Valley to find several wild garlic. After that, you can travel to Bahari Bay and explore the northern areas to forage wild garlic.

Where to Use Wild Garlic

As mentioned earlier, wild garlic is mainly used in cooking recipes and you will need wild garlic for a couple of main quests as well. Other than that, you can sell the wild garlic for 15 gold at the general store or the shipping bin outside of your plot area.

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