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Palia: How to Get Iron Storage Bin



Palia: How to Get Iron Storage Bin

The Iron Storage Bin is one of the storage chests that players can get in Palia to store their materials and exquisite items. As players will be getting thousands of resources and materials, the Iron Storage Bin can be used to store them. Each Iron Storage Bin can hold up to 1,250 items, and players can place 8 of them in total in their plot area, allowing them to store a total of 10,000 items.

Want to know how to get the Iron Storage Bin? Then you are in the right place. We will tell you how to get the Iron Storage Bin in Palia.

How to Get Iron Storage Bin

The Iron Storage Bin is rare and the only way to get it is to craft it at the Worktable. However, you will have to get its crafting recipe before you get to craft it. To get the crafting recipe for the Iron Storage Bin, you need to go to the Furniture Store in Kilima Village. Interact with the Cash Register and select the Recipes tab. Here, you will be able to buy the recipe for the Iron Storage Bin, which will cost you 100,000 Gold. It is a hefty price for a storage bin recipe, but it is worth it, especially in the late game. You can check our Gold Farming guide to try out different methods to farm Gold quickly in Palia.

Once you have the recipe, you will need the following materials to craft the Iron Storage Bin:

After getting the required materials, go to the Worktable and select the Crafters tab to find the Iron Storage Bin recipe. Select the recipe to craft it, and then place it down in your plot area to store useful resources and items in it.

In the early game, you can only store up to 3,200 items in all 8 Wooden Storage Bins. The only way to upgrade the storage potential is to craft the Copper Storage Bin, Iron Storage Bin, or Secure Storage Bin. The Secure Storage Bin is the last storage upgrade in the game, but it can be a different case in the future as the game is still in early access.

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